Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ahhhh Mommy time!!!

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First of all I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails. It's really good to know that I am not alone. Alone in the sense of my paranoia, and alone in dealing with these sorts of feelings. I am coping one day at a time and it's feeling much better.
So, here I sit with a glass of wine having mommy time. Earlier I asked the kids to clean their playroom and that if they did it in 15 minutes I would give them 5 bucks each. Aidan whined and complained that it was impossible. I told him it's not and that I could do it and he should have no problem because there's 4 of them. He said wanna bet? Sure I do! If I clean it in 15 minutes then you guys will go to bed at 8 o'clock. So, I cleaned it and organized it with 2 minutes to spare! He was so mad and upset, saying that he crossed his fingers and it wasn't fair. He let it go though, maybe thinking that if he didn't mention it I would forget or something as sometimes I am known to do that, lol. Well, I didn't forget and I mentioned it to him. It was about 7 o'clock. Then he tells me NO! I am not going to bed at 8, NOT NOT NOT!! Yah, little booger giving me his attitude, lol. So, HE decides to make another bet!! At first I told him no but I was feeling a little bad about sending them to bed that early so I took it. His bet was if he could throw the ball higher than I can then they don't have to go to bed at 8. If I DO throw it higher than him then they go to bed at 7:30. Ok, ok, I will take that bet. I honestly didn't think I would win anyway. So, I let him go first. He throws the ball. It Hit far above Avery's window on the second floor of the house. Ok, my turn. I hit the roof!! I start dancing around shakin' my booty singing the "hee hee I won" song, lol. He says that he gets another chance, kind of like a 2 out of 3 thing so I say OK. He throws it again and he hits pretty high. I threw it again and it goes OVER the roof! More dancing, yah, that's right, I am the man, errr MOM! LOL! So then he tries to convince me if he throws it again he will win even though it would mean I won twice and he won once. I said nope, you bet, you lost. 7:30 it is. (Am I a mean mom? My mother would think so, but I believe I am teaching him a lesson on not renigging on bets) So, he argues with me why he thinks HE won for about 10 minutes then starts getting MAD at me! He stomping around kicking balls in the house telling me I am not fair. He kicked a ball and knocked the DVD's off of the top of the TV and then I had had it. I sent him to bed at 7:20 for his attitude. (Again, and I a mean mom?) So he is yelling at me about how I am an adult and I shouldn't have made a bet with a child about throwing a ball because I am older and can throw higher (but the reason HE made the bet is because he's in baseball and what the heck does mom know about throwing balls right?) So, I really didn't want him to go to bed, he wasn't being BAD or anything (except only because he was upset) it's just that I couldn't make him learn this lesson about betting if I let him stay up you know? He tries to bet money all the time with Avery and sometimes his friends so I needed to make him learn this lesson about if you lose, you lose. It makes sense in my head, you know the logical mommy head. The head that tries the best to teach their kids lessons so they can go out into the real world someday, but the other mommy head, the soft mushy one feels bad. I feel guilt and feel that I am mean and bad. I hate being torn like that, it eats me inside!!
So, my 1 year Anniversary was last Thursday, August 3rd. Brian had to work so we had planned celebrate after he got home that night at 9:30ish with a nice dinner or something that he brought home from work. I kissed him goodbye on his way to work, he called me on his break to say he loves me like he always does. About 2 hours after he left for work I was outside and I hear the door open and turn around and it's HIM standing there with a bouquet of flowers!!! I was so stunned, surprised and confused, lol. All WEEK he was complaining that they wouldn't let him have the night off but he was lying the whole time! He DID have it off but pretended to go to work and instead went to the store and got flowers, steak and lobster!! (Lobster is my FAV FAV FAV!!) So he won the hubby of the day award, lol.
Ok, I haven't been designing much lately. I should be because I am selling at so many places I need to keep up, lol. I think I got myself in way over my head! I have been scrapping on the other hand. I am on Melany Violette's CT. Yah, another thing that takes away from designing, lol. I love being on her CT though. She was a HUGE inspiration to me when I was learning to design. I would go and ohh and ahhh at her stuff and try to be like her. We do have a similar style, but I think I have taken on a little of my own now in the past few months. I still love Melany's stuff to pieces though! She's the only CT I will ever be one because I really don't like using other people's stuff in my LO's, but hers I do. I'm weird like that, lol.
So, here are some LO's that I made today!

This is my son's fake smile, lol. He just doesn't take great pics so I don't scrap him much, but I decided to just scrap him in all his 'fake smile' glory anyways!

Melany Violette's Cinnamon and Blueberry Pie kit at Simply Clean Digi Scraps.
Background Paper is from Mel's Natural Essentials Paper Pack blog freebie.
Alpha is Corkboard alpha by Jeanelle Paige at PDW.

I never liked that name, tomboy. Everyone always said I was one too, but here I am telling my daughter she is too, lol.

Melany Violette's Whimsy kit at Simply Clean Digi Scraps.
Gems are from my Birthstone Gems at Sweet Digi Creations.

I couldn't resist snapping some pics when Brian picked up a book when Brielle said, "Daddy will you read me a book?"

Credits: Melany Violette's Cute as a Button kit at Simply Clean Digi Scraps.

They kind of look crappy because I used HTML to resize them to 400 px instead of the 500 that they were because if i didn't do that then my blog would be all messed up, but you can click on each of them to bring you to my gallery to see them nicer. :D
So, that's about it for this post. OH!! My new Sunday Morning Paper freebie is up on my site, so go and grab it!! ( Ok, THAT'S it! :D

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Anonymous said...

Your LO's are beautiful!

Love that sweet story about your anniversary- he's a keeper!

BTW- I commented in the DST forum, but you are even more genius than I first thought LOL! Gotta teach those kids to be good sports when they lose a bet, right?!!!

God bless!
Laurie G

Charlotte said...

Good job MOM!! It's so hard to stick to those guns isn't it? You're better than me though because I wouldn't have taken the second bet...that's a loser for sure with my athletic ability!

Rebecca on 8/07/2006 9:49 AM said...

You did the right thing with your son and you didn't cave I am proud of you. It has always bugged me how doing the right thing for our kids can feel so wrong at times.

Your children are gorgeous as are your layouts!

Bonnie on 8/07/2006 2:36 PM said...

Ahh, Jeanelle i had such a laugh reading your post! It's so nice to read "real life" little moments on blogs! Thanks for sharing this cute story! And I am sooooooooo Jealous that you are on Melany Violettes CT!!! I wanna be tooo!! But congrats anyway.

Natalie on 8/08/2006 10:33 PM said...

Jeanelle, Lovely LOs! Really, I completely envy people who can just pull these things together; it's always such a struggle for me.

I'm LOL at the whole situation with the betting. :) Honestly, though, if I were to choose to bet with him on something, I'd definitely follow through. I don't know how old your son is, but I'm still a little shocked that my 7.5yo dares to tell me no. I've started charging him money for these infractions.

What a wonderful dh; I'm glad it all turned out fine. And I'm glad you're feeling better overall, too.

Jennifer Howland :) on 8/17/2006 9:48 PM said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! :D Mine was on August 4th! I turned *gasp*'s not as bad as I was thinking it would be though...I still have the maturity level of a 16 year old so it's all good :P LOL

Beautiful LO's you have there!!! I hear ya on the getting in over your head part...I just signed up over at The Digi Chick so now that makes THREE places, two of which have quotas...I have to come up with 5 things a month...what the heck am I gonna do??!!! LOL My last kit took me two weeks to finish...*sigh*

Anyhoo, I know you don't know me, but I got here through the Sweet Digi Creations site, and loved your post about your kiddo, and just had to take the time to comment ;) I think you did the right thing by not letting him back out on the bet. Kids can be little stinkers sometimes...they think they will have something a certain way and then get all grrr when it doesn't work out the way they thought it would...same for us adults too, I guess, sometimes :P heehee ;)

Alrighty, well, now that I've done a whole blog entry, I guess I'll skidaddle off! lol I hope you had a fantabulous birthday!! I look forward to reading more of your blogaroo and getting to know you better ;) (((HUGS)))


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