Saturday, September 30, 2006

Immaculate Conception

Posted by JeanellePaige at 9:10 AM
Do you all remember THIS post? You'll have to scroll to the end to see the mice.

Well, the mice are now big, and eating on their own, running around and playing. They've been doing that for about a week or so.

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Aren't they cute? The momma is a brown mouse, the babies are grey. So we were all ready to go stick the cage out in our shed so they can go back into the wild but....

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See that little pinky hanging off the momma nursing? WHAT!?!?
Avery: I see the cute little pink mouse.
Brian: No you don't they're no pink ones.
Avery: Yes I do, it's right there!

So, either the momma was preggo when we saved her and her babies, or one of her babies had already matured enough to reproduce! CRAZY!!
Her nest is so big I can not see how many she had, but I know she had at least 2. Here's one all by his little lonesome:

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The momma came right out and grabbed him and dragged him back into the nest. She kept grabbing the bigger ones and dragging them back into the nest too. It was so funny to watch because as soon as she would get one in, another one would run out. I know exactly how she felt!! LMAO!!! 4 little crazies mice she cant keep under control, hee hee.

So, today we're giving them clean water, extra food, extra TP to make a bigger nest with and sticking the cage out in the shed with the top half slid off. That way, they can either stary there or go. I am sure the momma will stay in there for a little while until her new babies are bigger. It's going to suck not being about to look in and see them. The kids loved learning about them, watching them grow. Maybe it's time for a pet in a cage. Who knows.

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Karen3S on 10/05/2006 5:51 AM said...

If they are anything like gerbils the momma can get pregnant like the night she delivers I think. My daughter told me her gerbil did..hehehe...the next day or so after hers had babies he was boinking her again! hehehe...sooooo....I think rodents are more prolific than rabbits.LOL. Good luck with them..not a rodent fan myself but the kids do enjoy them. Our son has a hamster. She is cute, from afar! hehehe
Hope your feeling better Jeanelle! take care hon.

Candice on 10/06/2006 2:05 AM said...

Hope you are feeling better Jeanelle!

I have tagged you!



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