Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day of school fiasco

Posted by JeanellePaige at 8:21 AM
Avery's bus was suppossed to be here at 8:07. Didn't come until 8:50! Aidan's came on time, 8:43ish. So we weren't sure who's damn bus it was! Brian asked. When Avery's bus came the bus driver said that she should be on the same afternoon one, but isn't on the list!! I have been trying to call over and over but it's just busy busy busy. So I decided to blog, and will call again later, lol.
Here's some pics from this morning.

My goofy son, ready for school:
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Avery, not wanting to smile for the camera, but I made her, lol:
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Avery realizing she has to go to school and get on a bus without her brother:
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Poor kid. :(

In other news, Yesturday Brian was cleaning up the back yard and he moved the drained pool and out ran a mouse, with babies suckling on her just dropping off while she is running!!! She ran under something else with 3 of her babies, but on was left behind. Brian called me over because he knew I used to raise mice as pets. Well, I picked up the little baby mouse, not only about 1-2 days old and put it under where the mother mouse was, but she took off again, leaving all of her babies this time. So I yelled at Brian to go get the mother. I scooped up the little babies, some of which I had to pick out of little puddles of cold water!! Brian caught the mother mouse and I made her a nice cage. It's an old cage I used to have for my mice I had too many years ago. I threw in cedar chips, old TP rolls, a makeshift cave made from a garbage bag box with ripped up TP and cotton balls in it. I gave her water and bird seed. For hours she was just scared and sleeping and I keep pushing her babies over to her so they could get warm and nurse. She is really such a calm momma concidering that she is wild! Well, she finally sat on them all, nursed them all. She even got up late last night to eat and drink! There are only 4 babies, and I know that most litters have more than that, but both Brian and I went out like 3 times each combing through the grass and surrounding areas looking for more babies and found nothing. So, we saved the babies we did find. Here's a pic:
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Anonymous said...

Asalamalaykom Jeanelle,

Blessings on you! You are THE MOUSE SQUEAKER! You know, like the Horse Whisperer? So, you happen to have a knack with small rodents. Not the best skill to market, but you gotta work with what God gives you! I loved the photos...but don't tell your kids...I loved the Momma Mouse photo the best.

Rebecca on 9/05/2006 10:46 PM said...

Awww how sweet that you could do that, my reaction would be to scream and run! Your kids are adorable even if one was sad :)

caryl said...

Oh poor little girl, and that silly bus makes her really sad.. :) ... and YAY! sorry to say but i hate mouse... LOL! And I would really scream!...

Joni said...

First, your poor precious daughter, the first day of school, having to go without her brother. THAT had to be a very, very saddening experience for her. I remember that MY first 3 years of school, I had a "big sister" who was with me. THEN, along came a younger Sis (20 months younger than me) that *I* got to be the "Bigger Sister"! *I* will *NEVER* forget the day it rained and we had to wait in the lunch room after school for the bus to take us home and my "Puff the Magic Dragon" 45 record that I had taken for show and tell - got BROKEN. I was in the 1st Grade and I SOBBED FOR A WEEK!!! My Mom finally went out and found me another one! Memories like that never go away.

Now....for the "mouse chasings" of you and your DH???! Bless you my Friend!! **I** could have NEVER done that....but I would have HAD to find someone that COULD do something due to the situation. The pic is adorable of them cuddled up, her nursing her babies. YOU definitely have a BIG heart to chase mouses around!!! I wouldn't run FROM one but I darned sure would NOT run "TO CATCH ONE" either!! LMBO!


Dawnee said...

Jeanelle, Jeanelle...you'd better watch out or you just may have a mouseful houseful! How wonderful of you had DH to take them in...it must have been hard for DH to catch the mama. I am glad that she has decided to take care of them. Since you haven't said anything more, I assume the bus fiasco has been taken care of. Soon DD will be glad that her brother is not on her bus! Glad to hear your feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Saving the mouse and her babies was a really nice thing to do!


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