Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Crazy day!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 8:35 PM
Well, I hope you all love the freebies on my site! I am really excited about my Sunday Morning Paper Freebies!! I mean SUPER excited, LOL! Sunday mornings are supposed to be relaxing, and that's what this will be too! It's not a daily download, so you have all week to go and grab the paper. I have all week to MAKE a new paper too! I have made 3 today in the few moments I had on the computer. I just LOVE the color scheme of it! I have always loved the dark red with light blue, and the tan/brown color just compliments it so well! I can't wait to start making the elements to go with it!
Aidan had his first baseball practice today. He had a lot of fun, but he was quite tired after it. I didn't think to bring the camera because I was just worried about having to bring the other kids and occupy them on the playground while Aidan was practicing. My ex husband and his new wife and his mother went too, so Aidan had some family to watch while he played. Brielle was a little cranky because she couldn't get on a lot of the playground equipment. I had to leave early too because my blood sugar was low. I brought orange juice like I always do when I go out incase that happens, but the kids were thirsty so I gave it to them. Kids come first! My ex dropped Aidan off and we went to the restaurant that Brian works at to have dinner. Brian was working, so it was me taking care of the 4 kids during dinner. It was a little crazy, but not too bad.
When we got home, my brother stopped by to see the kids. He lives in Vermont, (we're in NY) so we don't see him too often. The kids love when he comes over. He brought these homemade pee shooter type things and was shooting mini marshmallows with the kids, lol. He also helped Aidan and Avery jump with the moon shoes he bought Aidan for x-mas. The kids on the box show that they can jump REAL high in the air and have a blast! Well, Aidan and Avery were lucky if they could jump an inch off the ground! Mostly they just fell down while I cringed thinking that their ankles would break, LOL!
Before I knew it, 7:00 was here! Daylight savings really messes me up! All of the kids are in bed and Brian is watching the Sopranos. It's not really my type of show, but I watch it with him. What I am waiting for is Big Love! I love that show! I saw on someone's blog a link to one of the characters blogs. Reading the comments is so FUNNY! People comment like they are talking to the character, telling her what they think that she should do. I am thinking, "Whatever the writers write in the script is what she will do!!!" LOL! Some people have no lives, but I guess I shouldn't talk, my life is pretty boring too! I think I like it that way though. No, I KNOW I like it that way! It means comfortablility, predictability, structure.... I like that! hee hee.
Well, I am off to watch TV! Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments on my site, and on my blog, and for just stopping in! It keeps a smile on my face knowing that I am loved! :)

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