Monday, April 24, 2006

Posted by JeanellePaige at 9:08 AM
I haven't posted in a while, I've been real busy! We had Spring break here. The kids were home, and half way during the week my step-daughters came, so we had 6 kids here. My older 2 spent the night at their house one night. Aidan skinned his knee riding a bike, but the way he acts you would think he broke his leg, lol! It was a fun break. Brian got the week off too, they all helped do yard work, plant flowers, play, have a B-B-Q, watch movies, stay up late.....
Our Van broke down, that stunk. Actually, the only one who goes in it is Brian. He drives it to work and back. I won't go in it or let the kids in it. It's a 92 Dodge Caravan and keeps breaking down, lol. We drive a Pilot, much safer! Anyway, we got the van towed and fixed and back home before my parents got back from their vacation in Utah. We didn't want my dad to have to stress about our situation with the van. It's not that he has to stress, but he would have.
So, the kids are back in school today. YAY! LOL! So I thought I would post about my new GORGEOUS kit!! I am just loving it!

It's such a cute, pretty kit isn't it? I love the colors and the flowers. I used it for 2 lo's so far.

Well, I have to go get a new dryer today. Ours is old and about to die! I will try to be a better 'blogger' and post more than I have, it just seems I never have enough time in the day!

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