Thursday, August 24, 2017

They aren;t selling, so FREE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING KIT !

Posted by JeanellePaige at 5:12 PM
I have been known for my freebies, and since I have no more store to sell in I guess when I feel like creating I will just offer them as freebies. So, here's 2 free digital scrapbooking kits that are new, never been seen, available for you by clicking right on the pics!

Craft Creations, the first one I have made in years. I had to get this out of my head.I had to start creating again so I also just have to share my creations too.PLEASE if you download it can you leave a comment so I know who's been lurking and if you like the new kit. :)
This one is called Stevie Rose. The colors of my boyfriend's daughter's coat, lol.

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