Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am going to make a quilt

Posted by JeanellePaige at 6:25 PM
Yup! I have officially decided to try my hand at quilt making! I was making a purse the other day and I stitched a bunch of scraps together to make the outside instead of just a boring whole peice. Then I quilted it freestyle with my sewing machine.
The fabric I used is from some fat quarter bundles I picked up at JoAnne's. I bought the red polka dots extra cuz I just love red fabric with white polka dots!

This was the VERY FIRST time I ever tried stitching pieces together in an un-even pattern, and also the very first time I tried machine quilting. Apparently to do it right you need to use a different foot on the machine, which I will have to pick up the next time I go craft shopping.

For the past hour I have been blog hopping through quilt country finding tutorials and what not. Quilter's blogs are interesting and colorful and just FUN to look at!!
I added a blog roll to the right hand side--> see--> over there--> keep looking--> -->scroll down -->further --> further--> there ya go!

So, have fun blog hopping like I did, and check back in for the process of making my very first quilt! I'm sure it will be ugly, painful, confusing, and embarassing... but at least it will be FUN!

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