Monday, May 16, 2011

NEW Cluster Essentials!

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Every time I have something in my digi stash that says "essentials" I always find myself going back to it when making LO's. This is defiantly one of those!

Having trouble with clusters? Do you get 'cluster envy'? Then this is the product you need! 30 individual .png files, mostly in gray scale for easy re-coloring! I've made a couple LO's with this myself and with each LO I don't even use more than 10 of the 30 files and it looks great! So, Cluster Essentials is FULL of items to make the perfect cluster, and the best thing is that you can use them over and over again!

Here are a cpl LO's that I did with this:

I started with this pic of my husband and me, and I wanted to add the word-art freebies I DL'd the other day. They are by Janet Carr at PxlCafe.

So, I took the colors from my sleeve and the word-art and used those colors to re-color the items. I only used 10 out of the 30 that is in this "kit"!

I use PS CS and the way that I re-colored the files is I added a new layer on top, created a clipping mask, filled in the new layer with color, then played around with the layer style. Color, overlay, soft light, color dodge.... I tried them all to see which would look best. When I found the best one, I merged all the layers and added it to my page. When you close the original file, make sure you do not save it or it will be re-colored forever.

This LO was done the same way, using the colors in the pictures. I made my husband sit down and write a little something about his daughters, lol. The oldest 2 are my step-daughters, and the younger 2 came out of me. So since they are 'his' I thought that he should do the journaling.

I will come back and post the LO's using the Cluster Essentials that my CT made. Right now I am going to go sew. :) TFL!

Weather update

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Weather Update


¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ 44% DONE.

Install delayed....please wait.

Installation failed. 404 error: Season not found.

Season "Spring" cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later.

* snagged it from handerful at ACOT, it was just too funny not to re-post!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I made a skirt for my daughter!

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While blog hopping I found this tutorial so I decided to whip one up, and it turned out great considering I've never made clothes before!

Yes the room is the same pink as the daughter chose the paint.

The only girly fabric I had long enough was this pink and the doggie/kitty fabric to match it. I know, it's sad. I see all of these craft rooms FULL of yards and yards of every color under the sun with matching patterned fabric, gazillions of fat quarters, tons of thread.... I only have like 4 spools and they're all white, maybe one black. :(( I'm sad.
Anyway.. this is the skirt. It is a little big on Jillian (7) but I'll fix that.

Ok... gonna quilt tomorrow after I have my coffee and check my emails and hopefully upload a new digital product! HINT: If you have trouble with clustering, this will be the product for you!!! G'night all!


I am going to make a quilt

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Yup! I have officially decided to try my hand at quilt making! I was making a purse the other day and I stitched a bunch of scraps together to make the outside instead of just a boring whole peice. Then I quilted it freestyle with my sewing machine.
The fabric I used is from some fat quarter bundles I picked up at JoAnne's. I bought the red polka dots extra cuz I just love red fabric with white polka dots!

This was the VERY FIRST time I ever tried stitching pieces together in an un-even pattern, and also the very first time I tried machine quilting. Apparently to do it right you need to use a different foot on the machine, which I will have to pick up the next time I go craft shopping.

For the past hour I have been blog hopping through quilt country finding tutorials and what not. Quilter's blogs are interesting and colorful and just FUN to look at!!
I added a blog roll to the right hand side--> see--> over there--> keep looking--> -->scroll down -->further --> further--> there ya go!

So, have fun blog hopping like I did, and check back in for the process of making my very first quilt! I'm sure it will be ugly, painful, confusing, and embarassing... but at least it will be FUN!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I haven't done this in MONTHS!!

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Maybe even over a year!! Well, I made a scrap-page! here it is...

This is my oldest step-daughter, Alexandria. This was taken at her sweet 16 party. I didn't take the pic. I blurred out the background to make her the focus. I re-colored the flowers to match the color of her cheek. The flowers are from Carole Creation Birthday Boy free kit, the papers are from my basic Essentials freebie at ACOT (recolored) and my Sweet 16 kit (re-colored)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me and to YOU!!

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It's been 5 years since I joined the ACOT family! I have loved every day of it!! So to celebrate I have put my entire store on sale for 50% OFF!!! The sale will last the whole month of May. :) So enjoy!

A little about me that I just wanted to add:
I started digiscrapping in 2003. I didn't have anyway to buy any digi items, so I taught myself how to make them using PhotoShop. I scan in little canvas tags to make textures for backgrounds, I spend 3-4 hours from scratch making buttons look realistic, I have spent countless hours on stitching to make it look so real that you can "touch it", I check and double check for frayed edges or blurry pixels just so I can bring you the highest quality digital files possible. I am very proud of what I do and I get super excited to see what you create with my items. Thank you all for being such loyal customers, but more importantly, thank you all for being my friends. I love ACOT!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something that I noticed that I want to share.

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I was sitting at my daughter's softball game. It was raining and thundering so they were waiting to see if they should cancel the game or not. So the girls were all running around playing tag. One little girl says, "Wait, pause the game!" That got me thinking.... when we were little we did not say "pause". We didn't know about pause before the days of VCR or Wii or Tivo. We would say "time-out, or time-in!" These little girls would probably hear that and think, huh? It is really amazing how technology really impacts every aspect of life! Not just to provide us with fun little gadgets or to make our lives easier... it impacts even the smallest of daily activities.
So, what have you noticed like this? Post your comment here and leave an email address and I will send you a free digital gift! :)

Also, don't forget about my CT call in the post below! If you know any friends who might be interested just send them over here to my blog so they can read and apply.
Thank You!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm looking for applicants!!

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I need some talented ladies for a creative team. You would get my scrapbooking products for free and use them to make your own scrap pages which I will use to promote my kits. A win win for everyone involved!! I only require 1-2 layouts per kit. I don't release new kits very often so it would be a very easy "job". If you would like to apply email me at with a link to your most recent gallery and/or attach 3-5 high quality pics of layouts that you have created. I will announce the winners on Monday, May 16th. I might extend that deadline a little if I need to, but I will let everyone know if I do.

Goodluck! :)


Saturday, May 07, 2011

Gorgeous Black & White paper Pack

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Click the Pic!

12 Beautiful black and white patterned papers in 12x12 300 DPI digi form.

Friendly Monsters Digi Kit..Intro Sale!!

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Click the Pic!

Fun, cute, friendly little monsters with gorgeous boyish colors for the "little monster" in your life.

2 new Digi Kits on SALE!

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Owl Luhv digi kit:

Now I Know My ABC's digi kit:

Click the images to take you to the Shoppe to read more about them or plop them in your cart! :)

..Life.. as I know it. {JPDESIGNS}