Monday, July 13, 2009


Posted by JeanellePaige at 1:00 PM
Well, it's been 3 days now. It's HARD EXHAUSTING work but at least I'm makin' some dough! I get tomorrow off. Gonna take that day to rest my aching body and feet! My feet are throbbing and I have muscles aching I didn't even know I had! Remember when I was going to Curves for a while to get exercize? Well, this is WAY more of a workout then that! LOL! So, not only am I getting paid, but I'm getting 'in shape' too. I've gained 25 pounds this past year. I am now 125 lbs! Most of my pants dont fit anymore so I usually wear sweatpant type pants. That's a good thing because that's what they want us to wear at work. kind of like stretchy cotton pants. I have enough that I didn't have to go buy some, and they give you a white hotel t-shirt to wear under your smock. No gaudy uniform. Last time I did this kind of work (wayyyy back in high school) we had to wear a maid uniform. It was this dreadful green dress with white collar and buttons. It was so heavy too, and in the summertime that SUCKS! This places's "uniforms" are MUCH better! Ok, well my back is killing me just sitting here so I think I will go take a load off and plop myself on the couch for a bit until I have to et up ans start cleaning MY house. Ugh.

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