Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ribbon Wraps!

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12 colorful ribbon wraps!

Intro pricing only available for a short time!

Sprinkles! Hearts and Stars!

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A new product line, Sprinkles!

Add some fun to your LO's with these 'sprinkles' of hearts! 30 colors of the rainbow to match practically any LO!

Like the hearts but these are stars! Place them onto your LO's and it looks as if you sprinkled them on!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New FREE kit!

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Free kit with beautiful colors, 9 papers, 3 felt hearts,
2 ric rac ties, 3 sparkle flower brads, 3 envelope ties.


Monday, July 27, 2009

New LO!

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New one I just did. Took the pics today, made the LO today!
Jillian wanted bangs, I think she looks so much better!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Misused Papers - Kraft

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New Misused Kraft Papers.
Jpeg and png files. Great texture with 'crinkles', 'tears', and 'rips'!


Laurie, one of my CT members made this LO using one of the misused papers.

She also used my Cozy Comfort kit.
I love how she framed the newspaper clippings and added the flowers and stitching!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty Yarn Strips!

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Ok, one more product before I head back to work and become too tired to design, lol.

Pretty Yarn strips!

These would go great with the related products they show in the shop under the image. (Pretty Petals, RainBOWS, Stitched Yarn)

RainBOWS and Black Glitter Alpha!

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32 beautifully colored bows to match practically any LO you are making!!

Black glitter alpha. a-z 0-9 All on one sheet AND individual files for those who like it either way!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lovely Mini-Kit

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Intro pricing! Bright, fun colors.... 6 cool swirls... 8 fun elements...Decorated Journaling Card..... Perfect for boys AND girls!!

Only $1.75!


And don't forget about Cozy Comfort!
Also great for boys AND girls! It's one of my fav kits that I have made! The colors are just yummy!

On sale for $5.50!!

Pretty Petals!!!

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32 beautifully colored pretty petals. So many colors that you'll find one to match any LO! Each in their own file for easy use.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gorgeous LO's by my CT!

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Jeanne made this wonderful LO with


Jen created this LO with

Buzz kit

Jen also created this LO using

Touch Of Calm


She created this stunning LO with

I will be adding more wonderful LO's by my CT soon! There will also be a new section on the left with links to my CT's profiles so you can see all of their other amazing work! I am so lucky to have such a great team!

FREE as requested!

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I posted a thread over at ACOT ( and asked what people would want as a freebie. they asked for 'die-cut' paper shapes so here ya go!

Click the image to DL the whole bunch. They are all in grayscale for easy re-coloring. You can put your own paper over it and play around with the blending modes to get just the right color or pattern. They all have a great texture to them too.

If anyone else is looking for a certain thing that they can't find just post a comment here with what it is you want and I will try my best to make if for you! I love doing stuff for people and giving away freebies!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 13, 2009


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Well, it's been 3 days now. It's HARD EXHAUSTING work but at least I'm makin' some dough! I get tomorrow off. Gonna take that day to rest my aching body and feet! My feet are throbbing and I have muscles aching I didn't even know I had! Remember when I was going to Curves for a while to get exercize? Well, this is WAY more of a workout then that! LOL! So, not only am I getting paid, but I'm getting 'in shape' too. I've gained 25 pounds this past year. I am now 125 lbs! Most of my pants dont fit anymore so I usually wear sweatpant type pants. That's a good thing because that's what they want us to wear at work. kind of like stretchy cotton pants. I have enough that I didn't have to go buy some, and they give you a white hotel t-shirt to wear under your smock. No gaudy uniform. Last time I did this kind of work (wayyyy back in high school) we had to wear a maid uniform. It was this dreadful green dress with white collar and buttons. It was so heavy too, and in the summertime that SUCKS! This places's "uniforms" are MUCH better! Ok, well my back is killing me just sitting here so I think I will go take a load off and plop myself on the couch for a bit until I have to et up ans start cleaning MY house. Ugh.

Friday, July 10, 2009


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I am SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! All of your good thoughts and prayers worked!! I walked in, she asked me if I had ever worked in a hotel before. I told her back in high school I did. Then she asked if I could start tomorrow and I said yes and she said GOOD!! I'll be working 8am-2pm'ish, 6 days a week. It's minimum wage but she said the tips are good. This is going to help us out so much! Plus getting out of the house and having adult interaction will be great for me! Oh, I can't believe how fast and easy that interview was! I am just still in shock! All giddy inside too! YAY!! My family is going to be ok now! Oh I am soooo HAPPY!!! Now I'm gonna open up PhotoShop and make a quick freebie for all of you who wished me luck! ;)


Here's a freebie to say thank you for all the well wishes!! They worked so I needed to say Thanks in a BIG way since this is a BIG thing for my family!! Click the image to DL! Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Job Hunting

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I'm looking for a job to help make ends meet in my household. I went today and landed a job interview for tomorrow at a hotel for housekeeping. Not what I want, but I'll take anything right now. I have filled out applications at a bunch of places but have gotten no responce so this is the closest I've gotten so far! We are behind on bills and our cell phones got shut off. 'sniff'. So, a job will really help!! Plus getting out of the house and interacting with people older than 10 will help me too, lol.

So, wish me luck!! I hope I get the job!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th Freebie

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I hope everyone has a great July 4th! Here's some papers I made with some matching flowers. Click image to DL! Enjoy!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Need to get this off my chest. Oh, and a FREEBIE!

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So, we've been in our new place for a few weeks now. I love it! We moved from a house into an apartment which is smaller, but has 1 more room then we had before. So my oldest daughter doesn't have to share with her 2 little sisters. The school is only 2 blocks away. Stewarts is right down the road so the kids can walk and get ice-cream. Where we were living before, the road didn't even have sidewalks and everyone speeded on the road so I never wanted my son to ride his bike on the road. The house was all paid for, but now we have to pay rent. Some people might say it was a stupid decision to move from a free house to an apartment we have to pay rent on, but I just couldn't live next to my overbearing parents anymore. Nothing was ever good enough for them, and it never will be. I have been trying to gain their acceptance all my life but I will never get it. I hated cleaning the house because it was never good enough for them. Now I clean for ME and it feels great! It's so much easier to clean too since it is all one floor. The kids have been helping and it's all running so great. I still have to clean out the old house though and that is stressing me out to the MAX!! We need to rent a dumpster to get all of the crap out of there. 9 years of accumulated sh*t that just needs to GO! We have only taken the bare minimum to the new place. My husband's job shut down for a week and he isn't getting paid so I am worried about making rent, which means we can't afford a dumpster right now. I am hoping all my digi sales will help. Everything in my shoppe is on sale, EVERYTHING! LOL! Once the plant opens back up my husband will hopefully get some overtime. That will help. I just want to get the old place cleaned out and be done with it.

I have all my nic nacks and pictures hung and it's so nice here. There are kids in the neighborhood that my kids will get to know once school starts in September so they will finally be able to go to friends houses and have friends over here too. I am just so worried we won't be able to afford things here. I am not used to paying rent, and I have always relied on my parents to bail us out if we got behind on bills. Part of me feels bad that I moved because I feel I owe it to them for all they have bailed us out of. BUT, my therapist made a good point. She said,"Are you for sale?" I am not, and I need to be able to live my life and be an adult, which I was never allowed to do with my parents living next door telling me I am not good enough, don't do things well enough.... I have just had enough after 31 years!! My husband and I have had some marriage troubles but are doing ok now. I don't trust him, and I am still angry at him for what he has done to me. Time will make it better though. I just hope he stays faithful and willing to work on getting my trust back.
I know moving will be and is the best thing for my kids. That's the most important thing. they have more things to do now then they did at the old house. They are a lot happier in a cleaner house and a lot less overhwlemed since it is smaller. It will be hard to make ends meet, but it was a good decision.

OK, that's off my chest now. I could keep going on and on, but I think I'll just give you all the freebie now, lol.

There are 5 pastel, polkadotted felt flowers. Click the image to DL! Enjoy and I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!


..Life.. as I know it. {JPDESIGNS}