Monday, September 15, 2008

New kit, new LO

Posted by JeanellePaige at 9:45 AM

My Sunshine!! I had fun making this kit.. LOVE the colors and I made sure to add lots of fun elements!! It has such a fun, wam feel to it. Here is a LO I made with it.... My Oldest DD, Avery (8). She got her ears pierced and wanted me to take a pic!


So, life has been a bit hectic around here. 4 kids in school, my youngest only have days of preschool. We drive her in the mornings, and she takes the bus home in the afternoon. She has about an hour long ride!! It saves us on gas and gets her used to the bus, so I guess it's ok. She has to bring a snack everyday, as well as my other 2 daughters. My older 3 need a lunch everyday too. It's stressful making them their snacks and lunches... I am trying to get a system. I got some wonderul advice from the ladies over at ACOT. It's such a wonderful community of woman. I have never been on a message board like this before. Everyone is so caring and fun and nice.... It's a GREAT plave to be!! Right now it's the only oulet I have. I was working... but not anymore. My husband was getting overtime and he makes more getting overtime then I was working, but I NEED to get back out there. I feel like I am losing my mind here in this house. Stuck here, same thing day in and day out, no joy... I feel alone. When I was working I felt good. I worked with developmentally challenged people. I loved that. I did it about 8 years ago for 3 years and loved it then, and loved it when I went back to it last year. i want to get back to it, but I really didn't quit. I dropped down to sub status. As far as i know I can still be on the sub list, lol. It would be very easy for me to slide right back into that place but my husband doesn't want me working there. There was an 'incident' with another male employee and he doesn't want me working back there. I assured him that I wouldn't run into that employee again, but not sure if he wants me there still.
Well, enough rambling about my crazy life. Gonna go back to ACOT MB and see what's happenin'!

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