Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Addicted!!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 10:36 AM
So... the Exploding Box class at ACOT got me to try paper scrapping.... and I'm HOOKED!! I have made 2 boxes....

First one:

Second one:

I also made 3 scrap pages:

I printed out a few more pics today to scrap. I am going to do 2 5x7 pages because I have a double frame that I think would look great with scrap pages in it!

I am also babysitting for a friend today...her 3 kids plus my 4. LOL! I am crazy! My friend really likes everything I show her so I took some pics of her baby and printed them out so when she gets out of work I will ask her if she wants to scrap! I have never scrapped with a friend before. I think it will be fun! Plus I know my friend will love it too.

I am just so addicted to the paper scrapping now that last night I was dreaming of embellishments! LOL! Hubby is getting some overtime in and he said I could get more scrapping stuff. I already have my list! I only went shopping once to get stuff for the exploding boxes, but I NEED more!! Hee Hee. I do have a bunch of little flowers, brads, and papers left. I need to get some BIG flowers, different brads, some ribbons... more paper... I guess my list could go on and on.

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Angela J. Prieto on 9/08/2008 2:04 PM said...

You did an awesome job on these boxes and your paper layouts!


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