Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September 11th, 2001

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This morning I caught up on reading blogs. A lot of my blog buddies wrote about their thoughts and feelings on 9/11 and where they were when it happened. I thought I would do the same here.
I read this blog by a muslim woman and her thoughts. I read other American's blog and their thoughts. Everyone was effected differently. I remember seeing video on the TV that morning of men and little boys overseas jumping and shouting for joy because of the destruction of the American 'people'. That bothered me so much. I thought how can anyone be happy that other human beings are being hurt and killed. I understand how they may hate America for 'putting their noses where they don't belong', but it's just like mulims.. not all muslims are 'bad', not all, or even most like what happened. People are people. We are all human and we are all entitled to beleive in what we want, to follow our own paths and religions.
September 11th, 2001 was my oldest sons first day of preschool. The first day that he was away from me and being cared for by someone else. I was dating someone else at the time. Right after dropping him off, my boyfriend got a call from his mother on his cell saying that a plane had flown into the WTC. We thought maybe it was a small plane, maybe a one seater and maybe it was just an accident. We went home and turned on the TV and coulnd't beleive what we were seeing. I felt so bad. I wanted to go pick my son up early, I honestly don't remember if we did or not. I was glued to the TV thinking this was it, this was the end of the world. (My anxiety thinking the worst) It was horrible. All of these innocent people dying. Even watching NBC last night about flight 93 made me cry. Showing the pictures of these people who were now dead, who can no longer hold their children, kiss their loved ones. I am crying now typing this. I hate war, I hate senseless death. I know that the men who planned this didn't think it was senseless. They had a reason, a purpose.
I used to have friends who took E. (extacy) They all say that they wish everyone would take it. (I never have) They say give these feuding leaders, feuding people some E and they would resolve their differences. People are people, we all have this one life, only this one life. Why can't we just smile at people that are different? Why do we need to be so hateful and judgemental? I hear my 8 year old say things about other people and other kids and he is judgemental. I know he gets it from school. I certainly do not teach him anything like that. I tell him everyone is different, everyone beleives different things, wears different things, thinks different things. I say,"You and your sister are even different!" I teach him to gve everyone a chance. We are all people. It saddens me all of this hatred in the world, all of the bad things. It's not just different countries either, it's down the street from you. Gangs, child molesters, murders, robberies..... I hate it all. I want to live in peace. I want everyone to feel peace in their hearts. I see TV footage now about the war. A man was so destraught because a bomb had been dropped right on a spot where little children were playing. WHY?
It's all too much for me. All of it. I can' change it, I can't change people's views. What I can do is smile at everyone, give everyone a chance and never judge and most importantly, teach my children to do the same. To help someone in need, to love someone that needs love. To befriend a child who doesn't have any friends. I have to teach them looks and popularity don't matter, only who you are does. This is the important thing to teach while they are young and in school because if you teach them that, they will take that into the 'real world' and be better people. Be the kind of people that this world needs, that this world should be.
Remember this: We are who we are, when you look at a stranger do not be quick to judge, you have no clue what their life is like and what hardships they may be going through. Give love, show love, teach love.

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Thanks for linking my posting. God willing, we mothers will do our part to raise children who communicate instead of annihilate.


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