Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rut Roh!!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 9:36 AM
(The title will be explained in a bit, lol)

So, we went to Six Flags yesturday. Love those season passes!! Aidan is the only one tall enough to go on the bigger rides and Brian has no problem taking him on them because he is a big kid himself, lol. So, it gets quite boring for Avery, Brielle, Jillian and myself. Seems we're always waiting for them to get off of a ride. We waited almost an hour for one ride! During that hour Gatorade was spilled inside of the wagon and cleaned up. Then pilled all over Jillian because she is too little to lift a big bottle up to her face and tell when to stop tipping, LOL! You should have seen the look on her face, her eyes bugged out, blur gaterade all over her... it was so funny! Of course I didn't think to bring some extra clothes. Forgot the freaking camera too! Gosh, I have been a mom for 8 years and have 4 kids, you would think I was a pro by now! I upladed all of the pics off of my camera to clear it off too and the thing sat here all day! We're going back today anyway. Did I say I love season passes? :D
So, They have a Looney Tunes part for the little ones. If you are too short, you have to be accumpanied by a larger person. If you are too tall, you have to be accumpanied by a smaller person. It's funny to me. So, I wanted Jillian and Brielle to have some fun and I was thinking the little roller coaster they have in there for the little kids should be fun right? WRONG!!! That thing was faster and rougher than a bigger roller coaster in another part of the part that only Aidan is tall enough to go on!! I had my arm around Jillian so she wouldn't slam into the side of the car because this thing was whipping around fast! So, I have a contusion on my arm!! It's all swollen up and black and blue! I hurts!! I also got a bruise on my leg and back!! Freaking thing beat me up!! At least Jillian didn't get hurt though!
It was a hot day so I wanted to run through this little water thing real fast to get Jillian and I a tad wet to cool down. It just sprays some water on you. Well, we started walking through and Avery walked right in front of us and stopped so we're standing getting soaked in the water! Oh well, it was a hot day, lol.
So, here's the rot roh part of the story, lol. Scooby Doo was walking around and saying hi to the kids. There's always a worker walking around with the characters because they can't see in those suits. Well this worker wasn't doing their job. This little girl ran up to Scooby to give him a hug and Scooby FELL ON HER!!! The poor girl starts crying and her parents tell her to say sorry to Scooby! Probably because the parents were embarrassed, but still!!! That worker should have said sorry!! So, that girl will never like Scooby again! LOL! She'll be on Dr. Phil talking about her unrational fear of Scooby Doo, LOL!
So, I think that's it. We're going back tonight. This time I will remember to bring the camera!!

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