Monday, July 17, 2006

Michelle is BUZZED!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 9:11 AM
So, after the mohawk, we did have to buzz Michelle. Her do' was just getting outta control!! lol

This time we are going to be a bit more creative with her hair so she doesn't end up looking like a boy again!!
So, check this out:

I've never been this high on the digital top 50 before! I am getting a lot of suggestions for the Name That Kit Contest too! If you haven't seen it, go to my homepage for more info.(Click the blinkie on the top left) You have until Saturday night to enter! It's going to be hard to choose just one because I have loved a lot of the suggestions already! Good thing my CT is going to help me vote!
So, we were giong to go to Six Flags today, but we decided not to now. It's going to be HOT HOT HUMID HUMID UNBEARABLY HOT today. You get that? HHHOOOTTTT!!! lol
I HATE the heat and the sun. I took the kids swimming yesturday for about an hour and I got a freaking tan!! I have tan lines!! Rediculous! I was only out for an hour and I put 30+ sunscreen on myself and the kids! I used a lot more o them than myself so they didn't get tanned thank goodness. Don't want to ruin their young skin! I am sure they will do that when they are teens, LOL! So, on the way back from swimming (we live next door to my parents and they have a big inground pool) the mosquitos were sworming!! I started running and I got bit like 7 times!! the kids didn't get bit, thank goodness. See, the kids didn't get anything huh? I did! LOL! Well, I guess I would rather have it all happen to me than them!
So anyway, off the subject, not going to Six Flags because if it's going to be THAT hot again and worse everyone at the park will be in the water part and we won't be able to get in or move if we did. With my anxiety about having to keep an eye on all of the kids at all times it would be horrible for me to be in a crowd like that!! Plus all of the walking in the heat would be bad for everyone. So, we may go swimming next door again, but I think we will chill inside the house with the air-conditioner. Gosh I hope it doesn't break! It's new from 2 years ago, but it's been running for 3 days straight because of this heat wave!! Ugg! Keep on working little air-conditioner!!
That's it for now! Don't forget to enter my contest!! Good Luck!

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Angie on 7/17/2006 8:01 PM said...

Michelle makes me smile :)

Vicky S. on 7/19/2006 1:45 PM said...

Call me weird but I'm enjoying the Michelle thing. Makes me smile. I have to ask. I know it sounds lame but everytime I'm here the video player starts and I can't place the name of the song and group. It's driving me nuts! Can you tell me?


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