Thursday, July 13, 2006


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:D Sorry, I forgot to say this when I updated the blog...
If you get a FORBIDDEN page when you click to DL a freebie, just copy the URL and paste it into a new window and hit go and it will work. Sorry for all of the confusion!
So, since I am here.... Here's another LO I made with one of Mel's kits:

Isn't it funny! LOL! Brielle has always been quite the character, lol. This time I used Mel's Blue Mountain kit from her Girls CD. Can I just say I am LOVING that kit? it's soooo pretty and I want to use it again and again because there's so much in it!
Also, I for got to say this too... Kids Say The Darndest Things! Last night Brian made Stuffed Haddock and Aidan took a bite and he said,"YUM! The insides of a Haddock are yummy!" HA HA HA!! It was so funny! Also, when Brielle is sad or upset she cries and sings. Last night she was sad because she couldn't find her binky and she was singing real sad like, "Burn baby burn, disco inferno." HA HA HA! My kids are so weird!! I love it though and wouln't have it any other way!

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LOL look at that cute face! Oh and for some reason DST would not let me reply to your post so I want to say THANK YOU for the freebies...they are awesome and I will definitely check out your other stuff!



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