Monday, July 10, 2006

Grow-A-Head, and What a Night!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 7:59 PM
Before I go into how crazy my night was (for me) here's an update on Mr.Grow-a-head!
First of all, it's not a Mr., it's a Mrs.!! We put some hair things in her hair, and they were pink, so the kids said it was a girl. Aidan wants to name it Michelle. I don't know why, we don't even know anyone named Michelle! LOL! So, Michelle it is! Here's Michelle sporting some very cool pink hair clips!
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'ain't she a beauty??

Now, my crazy night. I went grocery shopping with the 4 kids. Now, it's normally not bad with them because they listen and stay with me, but tonight I was trying to make a super grocery list by writing down everything that we need to buy all of the time and then the prices next to them. I am trying to cut down on our grocery spending by buying things that will last and that can be used to make many different concoctions. So, one side of the paper I am building this super list, the other side I am writing down what we have spent so far as to not go over my 'budget'. Jillian had taken a nap before we left but you would never know it! She cried halfway through the store. She did NOT want to be in the cart, so I put her down. I have anxiety so I always want the kids to stay right with me or hold hands with one of their siblings to be safe. Jillian would NOT hold hands with anyone and was just standing there not going anywhere, just crying! She's screaming that she wants 'boobop', lol. Good thing no one else in the store knows what boobop is or I would have been embarrased by that. So, because of her attitude it took a very long time in the store and I forgot some things I needed to get. I hope the cats can live without cat food tonight, LOL!
So... I really wasn't in the mood to go shopping in the first place. We had been swimming and the sun just drains me. So I just threw any old thing on myself and the kids and took off. I was thinking, "Who am I going to run into on a Monday night?" Well... I guess I was out of the loop because it seems that Monday nights are THE night to go shopping!! Aidan saw 2 friends from school and their mother's. So now their mothers think I am a scumbag and so are my kids! I have a cold so my nose looks like Rudolf. My hair is just piled on top of my head with no style to it at all because I had pool hair. I was wearing old faded, pink, high water, running pants with a wrinkled green T-shirt that says, "I'm not shy, I'm just a *itch" LOL!! It's very small writing so maybe that didn't get noticed. The kids are all in mix matched clothes, pool hair also, red stained hands and faces from their popsicles they had. I mean, can't you just picture us! Plus, I already gets looks from people normally because I do not look old enough to have 4 kids and this time was just worse! And isn't it always that when you look your worse you run into someone that you haven't seen in years!!! Well, it happened! At least it wasn't an old boyfriend or anything, lol. It was the wife of a friend of my dad that I used to babysit for. She had seen Jillian and was talking to her when I noticed who she was. I tried to smile and grab Jillian and turn around before she notcied who I was, but she was too quick! So, I talked to her a bit and I was so embarrased! She's like, "I don't know how you do it with that many kids!" I said, "Drugs." HA HA HA! I just hate that statement, as if NOT doing it is an option right? So, I finally get my grocery shopping done and realize I forgot one important item AFTER filling out the check! So, after loading the car up and packing the kids in I had to run through the bank, take money out and run into a convenient store real fast. Then, the worst part... bringing the groceries in and putting them away!!! What, you were expecting something horrible? LOL! Well, you have to agree, that IS the worst part of grocery shopping right? We didn't get home unil 7:30, and the kids hadn't had dinner yet, and the house was trashed so I had all of these 'to do's' on my mind. I hate when my day and system gets out of whack like that.
Well, now the kids have eaten, dishes done, vacumning and mopping done, table washed, diapers changed... and now it's MOMMY'S TIME!! Oh crap, I have to put them to bed still! LOL

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JulieBee in Iowa said...

Whew! I'm out of breath from laughing - in sympathy, of course. I can just see the whole scenario. You poor, beleagered woman! I had a hard enough time just taking my two children to the store (at any age) and they're now 17 and 14 yrs. I sure preferred shopping on my own while my husband had the kids at home. I'd smile dreamily at everyone and I bet they wondered if I was on drugs or something...
Thanks for sharing your story and I hope you get a chance to meet those people at the store again dressed a little better next time. Tee hee.

Les said...

Aww...I am sorry you had such a night!
I am tired just reading it and I can relate because I remember those days...Im lucky now though, my youngest is 2 and he is usually the only one I will take grocery shopping with me. My oldest DD or DH if he is home usually take care of my other 2!!!

Carole said...

Jeanelle I can sooo totally relate!! I have 3 kids and after we are done shopping, I want to dig the biggest hole to I can hide from embarrassment!

Brenda Kempf on 7/12/2006 10:52 AM said...

oh this is the absolute cutest!

Lori on 7/13/2006 5:17 AM said...

I am LMAO reading your post! I try to avoid bringing my 3 boys to the grocery store with me whenever possible.... it always ends badly!


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