Sunday, July 23, 2006

All About Jillian!

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Yesturday was Jillian's 2nd Birthday!
I can't beleive she is two. So sad! She's my 4th and last baby, *sniff*.
Instead of having a party Brian and I took her to Walmart to pick out what she wanted! The only one of her siblings that were home at that time was Brielle so it wouldn't have been much of a party anyway. She had a blast though. Running around, touching and playing with toys, handing me the ones she wanted.

Credits:Credits: Cute as a Button kit by Melany Violette at Sweet Shoppe.
The background page is a freebie on her blog.
Most of the alphas were taken from various kits on her Girls CD at her own Shoppe.

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Credits: Cute as a Button kit by Melany Violette at Sweet Shoppe and
flowers from Glitter and Sequins by Mel at Sweet Shoppe too!

So, she got Dora toys, Dora Movies, Dora dolls, Dora game..... LOL! She got some clothes and other toys too.
When asked she would say she was 3! Brian and I would tell her that she is 2 today, but she would INSIST that she was 3 and get mad when we didn't agree, LOL!!

Credits: Polka Dot paper from Baby Face kit at Sweet Digi Creations.
Everything else is Melany Violette's Baby Doll kit on her Girls CD from
Simply Clean Digi Scraps and the glitter flower is
from Sweet Shoppe; Mel's Glitter and Sequins pack.

We took her to Daddy's work for dinner too. He's a cook at a family resturant. He had to work that night, but Brielle, Jillian and I went in for dinner. Brian had the waitresses come out with a little cup of ice-cream with a candle in it for her, lol. They sang Happy Birthday to her. She was shy so she buried her face in my neck. It was really sweet though. My eyes teared up because daddy did that for her. He's a great daddy!!

Also, she has been going on the potty for about 5 days now!! She will come to me and tell me when she has to go and I will take her and put her on and she will go potty!! She JUST turned 2!! I am so amazed and proud of her. We thought Brielle was a very smart girl, talking in sentances by 18 months, but Jillian has been doing that a LOT longer than 18 months! She is amazing! She can say anything she wants, just like the other kids. She also can count up past 20, and say her ABC's and drink out of a cup without a top and now potty training!!! Amazing I tell you!! She also can sing songs from the radio, LOL!! The one here on my blog, Had A Bad Day, by Daniel Powter.... she knows ALL the words and sings it too!! (OOPS- I HAD that one on my blog, it's Five for Fighting right now, LOL)

The only problems I have with her is her attitude. She can be very mean to Brielle (biting, pinching, hiting, scratching) and she will yell at me when she is not happy, lol. I am not too worried about it because she knows she gets punished and in trouble so as soon as she learns that she never gets away with it so why bother then I am sure she will stop. Well, off to pick up and play Dora Chutes and Ladders!! :)

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