Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rut Roh!!

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(The title will be explained in a bit, lol)

So, we went to Six Flags yesturday. Love those season passes!! Aidan is the only one tall enough to go on the bigger rides and Brian has no problem taking him on them because he is a big kid himself, lol. So, it gets quite boring for Avery, Brielle, Jillian and myself. Seems we're always waiting for them to get off of a ride. We waited almost an hour for one ride! During that hour Gatorade was spilled inside of the wagon and cleaned up. Then pilled all over Jillian because she is too little to lift a big bottle up to her face and tell when to stop tipping, LOL! You should have seen the look on her face, her eyes bugged out, blur gaterade all over her... it was so funny! Of course I didn't think to bring some extra clothes. Forgot the freaking camera too! Gosh, I have been a mom for 8 years and have 4 kids, you would think I was a pro by now! I upladed all of the pics off of my camera to clear it off too and the thing sat here all day! We're going back today anyway. Did I say I love season passes? :D
So, They have a Looney Tunes part for the little ones. If you are too short, you have to be accumpanied by a larger person. If you are too tall, you have to be accumpanied by a smaller person. It's funny to me. So, I wanted Jillian and Brielle to have some fun and I was thinking the little roller coaster they have in there for the little kids should be fun right? WRONG!!! That thing was faster and rougher than a bigger roller coaster in another part of the part that only Aidan is tall enough to go on!! I had my arm around Jillian so she wouldn't slam into the side of the car because this thing was whipping around fast! So, I have a contusion on my arm!! It's all swollen up and black and blue! I hurts!! I also got a bruise on my leg and back!! Freaking thing beat me up!! At least Jillian didn't get hurt though!
It was a hot day so I wanted to run through this little water thing real fast to get Jillian and I a tad wet to cool down. It just sprays some water on you. Well, we started walking through and Avery walked right in front of us and stopped so we're standing getting soaked in the water! Oh well, it was a hot day, lol.
So, here's the rot roh part of the story, lol. Scooby Doo was walking around and saying hi to the kids. There's always a worker walking around with the characters because they can't see in those suits. Well this worker wasn't doing their job. This little girl ran up to Scooby to give him a hug and Scooby FELL ON HER!!! The poor girl starts crying and her parents tell her to say sorry to Scooby! Probably because the parents were embarrassed, but still!!! That worker should have said sorry!! So, that girl will never like Scooby again! LOL! She'll be on Dr. Phil talking about her unrational fear of Scooby Doo, LOL!
So, I think that's it. We're going back tonight. This time I will remember to bring the camera!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

All About Jillian!

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Yesturday was Jillian's 2nd Birthday!
I can't beleive she is two. So sad! She's my 4th and last baby, *sniff*.
Instead of having a party Brian and I took her to Walmart to pick out what she wanted! The only one of her siblings that were home at that time was Brielle so it wouldn't have been much of a party anyway. She had a blast though. Running around, touching and playing with toys, handing me the ones she wanted.

Credits:Credits: Cute as a Button kit by Melany Violette at Sweet Shoppe.
The background page is a freebie on her blog.
Most of the alphas were taken from various kits on her Girls CD at her own Shoppe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Credits: Cute as a Button kit by Melany Violette at Sweet Shoppe and
flowers from Glitter and Sequins by Mel at Sweet Shoppe too!

So, she got Dora toys, Dora Movies, Dora dolls, Dora game..... LOL! She got some clothes and other toys too.
When asked she would say she was 3! Brian and I would tell her that she is 2 today, but she would INSIST that she was 3 and get mad when we didn't agree, LOL!!

Credits: Polka Dot paper from Baby Face kit at Sweet Digi Creations.
Everything else is Melany Violette's Baby Doll kit on her Girls CD from
Simply Clean Digi Scraps and the glitter flower is
from Sweet Shoppe; Mel's Glitter and Sequins pack.

We took her to Daddy's work for dinner too. He's a cook at a family resturant. He had to work that night, but Brielle, Jillian and I went in for dinner. Brian had the waitresses come out with a little cup of ice-cream with a candle in it for her, lol. They sang Happy Birthday to her. She was shy so she buried her face in my neck. It was really sweet though. My eyes teared up because daddy did that for her. He's a great daddy!!

Also, she has been going on the potty for about 5 days now!! She will come to me and tell me when she has to go and I will take her and put her on and she will go potty!! She JUST turned 2!! I am so amazed and proud of her. We thought Brielle was a very smart girl, talking in sentances by 18 months, but Jillian has been doing that a LOT longer than 18 months! She is amazing! She can say anything she wants, just like the other kids. She also can count up past 20, and say her ABC's and drink out of a cup without a top and now potty training!!! Amazing I tell you!! She also can sing songs from the radio, LOL!! The one here on my blog, Had A Bad Day, by Daniel Powter.... she knows ALL the words and sings it too!! (OOPS- I HAD that one on my blog, it's Five for Fighting right now, LOL)

The only problems I have with her is her attitude. She can be very mean to Brielle (biting, pinching, hiting, scratching) and she will yell at me when she is not happy, lol. I am not too worried about it because she knows she gets punished and in trouble so as soon as she learns that she never gets away with it so why bother then I am sure she will stop. Well, off to pick up and play Dora Chutes and Ladders!! :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

One more thing!

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No Michelle today

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Sorry Michelle groupies, lol. No Michelle today. Her hair is still growing back from the buzz cut! Don't worry though. The kids and I have some great ideas for her new 'do one it grows back!
First, I want to remind everyone about my 50% off sale! It's only thru Saturday! I also added a new kit which is also 50% off so go and see!
LCS... So... did ou watch it? Did you vote? I did! Of course I voted for Josh. I just love that guy! Chris Porter too, but I have to pick one fav! I liked Roz too, but not this last time. Her yelling was giving me such a headache!! Then, the cheesy part... the prelimanary voting results! HA HA HA! The host says, "Now it's time for the preliminary voting results." (anticipation music here) Then NOTHING! "Join us next time!" I even rewound it to see if maybe one of the spot lights showed who were to two lowest were, but NOPE!! Brian and I were laughing. It was so dumb!! So, will have to watch it this week!
Jillian has been doing great with the potty training!! She will be 2 this Saturday and Yesturday she went all day on the potty! Even poo!! She just kept coming over and letting me know she had to go potty! She did have an accident on the floor in front of the potty. That was my fault though. She and Brielle wanted to do it, Brielle wanted to put heron the potty so I let them, but Brielle couldn't get her up there so she peed on the floor, lol. At least she tried though! So today she won't have a diaper on. I do put one on her a night still because she is still too young for no diapers at night. I hope today goes as well as Yesturday!
Mosquitos!!! They are BAD BAD BAD!!! There are sworms of them and even if we have bug repelant on we get bit! I hate it! The kids want to play outside but I keep hiding in here and not letting them out because they are aweful! I am going to have to buy some really good stuff for everyone to wear. I am just really scared of one of the kids getting sick from a mosquito bite.
Aidan and Avery went camping with my parents Yesturday. YAY!!! I am older kid free until tomorrow afternoon!!! YAY!! No fighting and whining and complaining and big messes!! WOO HOO!! LOL! They will have a great time too.
Iposted this at DST last night and it got no replies so maybe I am the only one who watches this show, lol. America's Got Talent...

Anybody been watching this show? I do NOT like Brandy at ALL!!! She dislikes any girl/woman her age that does ANYTHING that may be better than her!! One of the first shows there was this old icky male stipper guy that was so icky and all he did was cover himself in glitter and shake his toosh and rub his chest with a glow stick and she LOVED him!! Then, another stipper came on, it was a girl and she HATED it even though she was WAY better than the old guy!!!
Now tonight, she just told these 3 girls who sang very well that they didn't have any chemestry and they shouldn't be wearing the outfits they had on!! Now, I think maybe the outfits were a little bit too revealing, but it's not like they were wearing them to school! They were on stage doing a show!!! UGG! I do NOT like Brandy!!! She's a TERRIBLE judge!!!!
Brian took some pics of Jillian and me last night. This one I can't wait to scrap!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well, that's it for today!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Michelle is BUZZED!

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So, after the mohawk, we did have to buzz Michelle. Her do' was just getting outta control!! lol

This time we are going to be a bit more creative with her hair so she doesn't end up looking like a boy again!!
So, check this out:

I've never been this high on the digital top 50 before! I am getting a lot of suggestions for the Name That Kit Contest too! If you haven't seen it, go to my homepage for more info.(Click the blinkie on the top left) You have until Saturday night to enter! It's going to be hard to choose just one because I have loved a lot of the suggestions already! Good thing my CT is going to help me vote!
So, we were giong to go to Six Flags today, but we decided not to now. It's going to be HOT HOT HUMID HUMID UNBEARABLY HOT today. You get that? HHHOOOTTTT!!! lol
I HATE the heat and the sun. I took the kids swimming yesturday for about an hour and I got a freaking tan!! I have tan lines!! Rediculous! I was only out for an hour and I put 30+ sunscreen on myself and the kids! I used a lot more o them than myself so they didn't get tanned thank goodness. Don't want to ruin their young skin! I am sure they will do that when they are teens, LOL! So, on the way back from swimming (we live next door to my parents and they have a big inground pool) the mosquitos were sworming!! I started running and I got bit like 7 times!! the kids didn't get bit, thank goodness. See, the kids didn't get anything huh? I did! LOL! Well, I guess I would rather have it all happen to me than them!
So anyway, off the subject, not going to Six Flags because if it's going to be THAT hot again and worse everyone at the park will be in the water part and we won't be able to get in or move if we did. With my anxiety about having to keep an eye on all of the kids at all times it would be horrible for me to be in a crowd like that!! Plus all of the walking in the heat would be bad for everyone. So, we may go swimming next door again, but I think we will chill inside the house with the air-conditioner. Gosh I hope it doesn't break! It's new from 2 years ago, but it's been running for 3 days straight because of this heat wave!! Ugg! Keep on working little air-conditioner!!
That's it for now! Don't forget to enter my contest!! Good Luck!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


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:D Sorry, I forgot to say this when I updated the blog...
If you get a FORBIDDEN page when you click to DL a freebie, just copy the URL and paste it into a new window and hit go and it will work. Sorry for all of the confusion!
So, since I am here.... Here's another LO I made with one of Mel's kits:

Isn't it funny! LOL! Brielle has always been quite the character, lol. This time I used Mel's Blue Mountain kit from her Girls CD. Can I just say I am LOVING that kit? it's soooo pretty and I want to use it again and again because there's so much in it!
Also, I for got to say this too... Kids Say The Darndest Things! Last night Brian made Stuffed Haddock and Aidan took a bite and he said,"YUM! The insides of a Haddock are yummy!" HA HA HA!! It was so funny! Also, when Brielle is sad or upset she cries and sings. Last night she was sad because she couldn't find her binky and she was singing real sad like, "Burn baby burn, disco inferno." HA HA HA! My kids are so weird!! I love it though and wouln't have it any other way!

My very first LO as a CT!!

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So, Melany Violette has been the very first CT I have ever been on, and here's my very first LO as a CT! :D

The was Brielle when she was 19 months old. She was so bald!! LOL! She has grown lots of crazy hair since then though. Who'da thunk it? hee hee
This was the perfect kit to use since Brielle isn't too girly. I just LOVE the colors!!

Credits: Melany's Girls CD - Flutterby kit
Paper tear is from my Basic Essentials pack

So.. DSD is closing. *sniff* *sniff*
I sincerely wish Kathy, Brenda, and Kim the very best. They are such wonderful ladies and designers and I had a blast working on their 'team'. They were my scrapping idols while I was learning to design.
Ok, new pic of Michelle!! Are you ready! Poor Poor Michelle!!!!

Michelle has a mohawk!! AHHH!! LOL! I think tomorrow she might be getting a buzz cut! LOL!
So, we watched America's Got Talent last night and my son bet me $1.00 that the old icky stripper guy would be let up on stage. HA HA! I won! I really thought the acts just weren't as good the second time around you know? I am still waiting for 'At Last' to be on. They are my all time fav! Gotta wait until next week to see them!
Well, that's my blog for today. i saw someone that had a quote in their siggy that said, "I never realized just how boring my life was until I started a blog." How true! How true! LOL

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

LCS and another free gift

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So, Last Comic Standing was on last night! Do ANY of you watch it?? Anyone out there?? Well, I was suprized that Gabriel got 'kicked off'. I mean, it isn't Survivor, lol. (Which I have never seen by the way) He broke the rules of the show by sneaking phone calls to his girlfriend. Too bad, he was really funny! BUT, rules are rules! So, my fav, Josh Blue is still there, of course. I really think that it will come down to him and Chris Porter. He is my second fav. He is really funny too, and unfortunatly I think he may win, even though I am hoping for Josh.
Last night while trying to fall asleep I had a million things running through my head that I wanted to blog about and now of course I can't think of any of it! UGG! I have so many things that I want to do on here as far as designing, but I have so many things around the house that I NEED to do. I think I will do those things first. It's easy to sit and design when I am relaxed knowing I did everything around here.
So.... I made Melany Violette's CT!! I am excited about that! When I scrap I always use my own things, but i have used Melany's stuff before too. She's really the only designer that has stuff I will use for my own LO's. I am weird like that, lol. So, I can't wait to start scrapping for her!
Ok, well I can't think of what else I wanted to blog about. I am sure it will come to me and I will be back later but until then, here's a little gift for all of you readers for putting up with my ramblings about nonsence, lol.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These are 2 new brushes. A flower one and a heart one. Enjoy! I think I am going to make a ton more and sell 'em real cheap like, lol.
Ok, off to do some mom/wife duties! I'll be back later!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Grow-A-Head, and What a Night!

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Before I go into how crazy my night was (for me) here's an update on Mr.Grow-a-head!
First of all, it's not a Mr., it's a Mrs.!! We put some hair things in her hair, and they were pink, so the kids said it was a girl. Aidan wants to name it Michelle. I don't know why, we don't even know anyone named Michelle! LOL! So, Michelle it is! Here's Michelle sporting some very cool pink hair clips!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

'ain't she a beauty??

Now, my crazy night. I went grocery shopping with the 4 kids. Now, it's normally not bad with them because they listen and stay with me, but tonight I was trying to make a super grocery list by writing down everything that we need to buy all of the time and then the prices next to them. I am trying to cut down on our grocery spending by buying things that will last and that can be used to make many different concoctions. So, one side of the paper I am building this super list, the other side I am writing down what we have spent so far as to not go over my 'budget'. Jillian had taken a nap before we left but you would never know it! She cried halfway through the store. She did NOT want to be in the cart, so I put her down. I have anxiety so I always want the kids to stay right with me or hold hands with one of their siblings to be safe. Jillian would NOT hold hands with anyone and was just standing there not going anywhere, just crying! She's screaming that she wants 'boobop', lol. Good thing no one else in the store knows what boobop is or I would have been embarrased by that. So, because of her attitude it took a very long time in the store and I forgot some things I needed to get. I hope the cats can live without cat food tonight, LOL!
So... I really wasn't in the mood to go shopping in the first place. We had been swimming and the sun just drains me. So I just threw any old thing on myself and the kids and took off. I was thinking, "Who am I going to run into on a Monday night?" Well... I guess I was out of the loop because it seems that Monday nights are THE night to go shopping!! Aidan saw 2 friends from school and their mother's. So now their mothers think I am a scumbag and so are my kids! I have a cold so my nose looks like Rudolf. My hair is just piled on top of my head with no style to it at all because I had pool hair. I was wearing old faded, pink, high water, running pants with a wrinkled green T-shirt that says, "I'm not shy, I'm just a *itch" LOL!! It's very small writing so maybe that didn't get noticed. The kids are all in mix matched clothes, pool hair also, red stained hands and faces from their popsicles they had. I mean, can't you just picture us! Plus, I already gets looks from people normally because I do not look old enough to have 4 kids and this time was just worse! And isn't it always that when you look your worse you run into someone that you haven't seen in years!!! Well, it happened! At least it wasn't an old boyfriend or anything, lol. It was the wife of a friend of my dad that I used to babysit for. She had seen Jillian and was talking to her when I noticed who she was. I tried to smile and grab Jillian and turn around before she notcied who I was, but she was too quick! So, I talked to her a bit and I was so embarrased! She's like, "I don't know how you do it with that many kids!" I said, "Drugs." HA HA HA! I just hate that statement, as if NOT doing it is an option right? So, I finally get my grocery shopping done and realize I forgot one important item AFTER filling out the check! So, after loading the car up and packing the kids in I had to run through the bank, take money out and run into a convenient store real fast. Then, the worst part... bringing the groceries in and putting them away!!! What, you were expecting something horrible? LOL! Well, you have to agree, that IS the worst part of grocery shopping right? We didn't get home unil 7:30, and the kids hadn't had dinner yet, and the house was trashed so I had all of these 'to do's' on my mind. I hate when my day and system gets out of whack like that.
Well, now the kids have eaten, dishes done, vacumning and mopping done, table washed, diapers changed... and now it's MOMMY'S TIME!! Oh crap, I have to put them to bed still! LOL

Grow - A - Head! (and a freebie)

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My brother bought the kids this little guy for Christmas and I just decided to water him. MAN his hair grows fast! I took this pic last night and today his hair is even longer! So, join me on the adventures of grow-a-head! We haven't given him a name yet. I will post it once we do. I will also be posting his pics everytime we 'do his hair', lol. Today the kids want to cut it, but I think that I might try to convince them to put some hair things in it first. Hee Hee! I'd like to see how long we can get it! It's too funny! It's sitting on my kitchen window sill. I put in on the table to take a picture of it though.


I am having a sale right now thru the 22nd!


Also, I want to remind everyone about the sale on the Diva Double, 'Red, White, KaBLUEm'! This coupon code is good thru July 15th so hurry before it expires!

It is for 25% off this one kit at DigiScrapDivas!


Now, here's another freebie for you all! I thought it would go well with July 4th LO's!

If it says FORBIDDEN, just copy the link and paste it into a new browser and hit go and it should work!

That's it for now! It's going to storm this afternoon so I am going to take this kids swimming before it does!
'See' ya' later! :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Check these out!!!

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Aren't they just beautiful!!

My friend Melany Violette made them! I am just in LOVE with them! The detail is incredible!!
I just wanted to let you all know if you haven't seen them already! :D
Off to the store to do some shopping now! :)

Lazy Sunday Morning

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So, we slept in today... a little too late, lol. I just put up my Sunday Morning Paper Freebie on my site. Go and grab it! :D

Jillian is driving me nuts! She will be 2 on the 22nd of this month. I have been trying to wean her for months now. I haven't been too aggressive about it though. For over 6 months she has been nursing like a newborn. She doesn't nurse like all the other nursing toddlers I hear about. They nurse about 3 times a day. Jillian nurses ALL DAY LONG!! She WON'T take a pacifier, she uses ME as one. She eats regular food, I give her snacks throughout the day. She drinks out of regular cups and sippy cups.... it's just when she wants to nurse, she WANTS to nurse. I really want my boobs back! If I put my foot down and tell her, "It's not time right now." she will scream and cry and hyperventilate. I always thought I would do the child-led weaning so I have a hard time refusing her. I think I am just going to have to keep refusing her until she forgets all about it. It's going to be a rough few days though. AND I can't sit at the computer. When I sit in the computer chair, it reminds her of nursing. Everytime I sit here she asks to nurse. She calls them 'boobops' "I want boobop!" LOL! She just said it while I typed that! HA HA HA!! Well, I better get off of here so I can go hide from her!
I shall be back!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Testing my siggy

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I don't know why I bothered to make a siggy that has clickable links in it because it's HTML and most forums use that BBC code thingy mabobber, lol.
Anyway, testing!

My Blog
My Shoppe

I wonder if it WILL work in message boards? Anyone know how to make it work? I'll love 'ya forever!!! :D

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you....

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Wimbeldom and re-runs!! Yes, that's right! No Soaps for momma, and no Summer Time hits this week. Phooey!! I am an NBC freak, although it sucks a lot, lol. Even Jay Leno cracks jokes about NBC. Well, He is leaving in 2008, or 2010 not sure, so he can make as many jokes as he wants. I can't WAIT until this Tuesday when Last Comic Standing comes back on!! I am loving Josh Blue! He is hilarious and I hope he makes it ALL the way!

This is the only pic could find of him. If you haven't seen the show you should watch it. It's reality TV, but comedy! It's always good to laugh! Brian works Tuesday nights so I Tivo it and then re-watch it when he gets home. Just something we like to do together.
So, last night I took the little ones outside to swing and slide on the playset. There were some chipmunks out there that were coming very close to us. We got some cereal and gave it to them. Fruit loops! hee hee. Then we walked next door to my parents house to jump on the trampoline. They have a big one for the kids. Jillian and Brielle was jumping at the same time and Jillian's knee hyperextended and she fell on her face. Poor baby. She cryed and asked for a bandaid. The kids think that bamdaids will fix anything, lol. I hyperextended my knee once on a trampoline too. When I was younger the neighborhood kids and I all 'broke' into the new gymnastics place they were building down the street, lol. Well, we didn't break in. They just didn't lock the door. So we were all jumping and I hurt my knee really bad. I told my parents I stepped on a rock and twisted it, lol. We did a lot of stupid things when we were little.
So, today it's nice out so we will be outside a lot today. I have a new kit in the works too. I started scrapping a picture last night and I just don't have the right color pink in my collection so.... time for a new kit! It's going to be a soft baby pink.. with some other colors, you will just have to wait and see!
Ok, off to check some emails and forums! I'll be back later on!

Friday, July 07, 2006

New LO!

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Meet Baby Jack! Well, he is called J.T. He is my Husband's Ex wife's new baby boy! So, Ali and Camryn (my step-daughters) have a new baby brother! He was born May 27th, same day as Brad and Anjolina's baby, LOL! (Yes, I know I spelled that wrong but I don't care enough to go and find out how to spell it, lol)
So, Brian's ex sent these pics in an email, so I saved them and made a LO with them! Don't you just love the cute little baby feet?
I used Kathy Moore's Washed, Worn, and Faded Vol. 1 for this. I LOVE this kit! The color blue is Perfect for baby boy pictures!

Oh, and those of you who are here for the freebies... I am sorry I keep bumping them down, but they are still here, just look! :)
That's all for this hour! :D

Friday morning

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(Edited since this morning...check below!)

I have a litle something that you all will be happy to see! It's a coupon code to get this GREAT kit!

The kit is normally $6.99, but with this coupon you can get it 25% off thru July 15th, so don't miss out!

In other news.... MAN I have such a headache this morning! This cold just won't go away. I have been sick for almost a week. It's summer time, not winter. People don't usually get sick in the summer do they? I feel bad for hubby who is now sick and has to work a double today. I do have to get my head feeling better so I can pile the kids into the car and go deposit his check into the bank. Plus we are almost living like Mother Hubbard here again. Feels like I am ALWAYS grocery shopping! We just run out of everything so fast! I guess we don't NEED to go shopping, but there's things that we have that need another ingredient to make a meal that we are out of. Isn't that always how it goes?
Someone forgot to turn the DVD player off last night so here we are this morning, watching Narnia again. What a great movie though! I absolutely love it! If you haven't seen it, you really should! It's a classic! The kids love it and watch it almost as much as they used to watch Nemo, which is weird to me since it isn't a cartoon!
Well, I better get going. I have a few more things to finish up on here before I run to the bank. I am sure I will be back because I have some new LO ideas running in my head and I am in a scrappin' mood! :D

Well, I haven't scrapped, but I designed! Here's a littl freebie for whoever wants to snag it. It's nothing spectacular, but you can slap it onto any LO's that they might coordinate with, lol.

Now, since blogger has been making me mad when trying to upload photos, I used my own server and typed it all out by hand with HTML, so I hope it works right! If you get a forbidden page, just copy the link from the address bar and type it into a new window and it should work for you! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

3rd post on the blog today and a new LO!

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So, I have decided, you know what... I am going to try to blog every single day. I used to keep a diary and it helped me a lot. I have a stack of them saved so I can go back and read them one day. So, since I don't do that anymore, I will do it here!
Here's a LO I just made. It's very simple, but I just LOVE the picture!

Everything is from my Beautiful Dreamer kit except for the pin and the tape which are from my Basic Essentials.

Here's a rant too. I am going to make it quick and fast. I will know what I was talking about when I look back at this post. Why do already popular designers have to steal ideas from designers who are still trying to get their name out there? Maybe that's how they got popular in the first place? I just think it's quite shady.
Ok, end of my rant. My hubby is home and I gave him my cold so he is not feeling well so I am going to try to make him feel better.
'See' you tomorrow!

Ok, so I am blogging

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anonymous left a comment in my last post that made me think... who really cares if no one reads it? As long as I don't spend TOO much time on here, I will blog for ME and just ME! So here's some July 4th pics! I wonder if I print out the post if they will show up ok? hummmmm

Keep in mind that I am NOT a photographer. I can fix these up nicely in PS though! Also, My kids don't look all clean and spiffy and their hair is almost always never in perfect place, and their clothes are almost always dirty from food, and their faces almost always have their dinner or lunch on them, and a lot of the times you will see nakey butts at my house because we are potty training. So, don't judge! Yes, we ain't yuppys! LOL


Jillian and momma:

Ali's figure 8:



The 5 older kids:

Nevermind, freaking blogger wont let me upload another one! It keeps saying it did it, but it's not here! UGGG! I have already spent 45 minutes uploading those other ones. I HATE blogger!!!!
*Deep Breath* ok, I'm fine, lol.

Thinking about getting rid of the blog

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I really don't feel like blogging anymore. I mean really... who really cares about my boring life. The only time anyone ever comes here is if I have a freebie. I could be blogging everyday about this that and the other thing, waisting time I could be spending time with my kids or designing but whos gonna care? No one really.
This might be my last blog post.

July 4th-
All 6 kids were here and Brian got some fireworks. Illegal in our state I have to add, and for good reason! I kept telling him to be careful, be careful.... We ended up getting 'shot at' by 3 different fireworks! We keep moving away farther and farther, but the last one tipped over and was shooting straight at our heads! The kids were scraming, I was yelling at them to duck.. it was just BAD!! We were very very lucky that no one got hurt. Next year we will be watching them from inside the house because I can't stop Brian from getting them. I did get some really cool picture of the kids with sparklers though! I haven't uploaded them yet because I have been sick. I started getting sick Monday night, along with Brielle. She woke up in the middle of the night weezing and coughing like a seal. We're both a bit better, but that was very scary for a mommy.

I made a new kit. Well, it might actually be 2 since the last time I blogged but I will just post about this newest one. It is called lighthearted. I was inspired by a LO done for Miss Mint's DNTS contest. I will have to track the lady down and give her the kit for free since she inspired me. If you know how to get ahold of her let me know!!!
Here's a link to her LO:

Her journaling is just very inspiring.

Here's the kit I made:

I took out these stars because I didn't think that they fit, and I also, while making the preview, forgot to add these pearl strings, so I took them out too. Now I am offering them as a freebie.

You can click HERE to DL the freebie. If it doesn't seem to work for you, copy the link from the browser and paste it into a new one and it should work.

Well, the kids are bugging to go outside so I am getting off of here.

..Life.. as I know it. {JPDESIGNS}