Sunday, June 11, 2006


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I have no title for this post, lol. I am sitting here with my Skor bar and cup of tea typing one handed because my other hand is all chocolatey, lol. I love my Skor bars!!!
Today was good day. I think the aliens have left my kids bodies finally. They are behaving normally again. Maybe it was the bribes though. I do like to think of them as incentives, not bribes, lol. Everyone does better with incentives! Avery gets some money here and there for helping me out. Aidan is going to get a new CD with his fav music. Brielle likes to get money too. Jillian is just Jillian and still too little to understand the value of money.
I made grilled cheese sticks for dinner. The kids like to soak their sandwiches in their tomato soup so tonight I cut them into sticks for easier dunking. It really cut down on the usual mess! It drives me nuts when they eat their dinner and immediatly ask for a snack, lol. They say they are full and don't want to finish their dinner, but they have room for a snack!! LOL
I have a new CT member! Andrea C! You can check out my CT page at my site for more info on her. One of my CT members stepped down because she was feeling overwhelmed and Andrea just popped in! LOL! She is pretty well known in the digi-scrapping world. I love her LO's and can't wait to see what she does with my creations!
Tonight is Sunday.. Brian and I usually watch Sopranos and Big Love but the season finallies were last week so we can't do that tonight. :( It's our 'date' night, lol. I think there is a new show starting during that same time slot on HBO so I guess we will chack that out. I think I might have withdrawls waiting all summer for the next season of Bog Love though. I LOVE that show!!

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