Thursday, June 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

Posted by JeanellePaige at 6:33 PM
My cat caught and ate a squirrel today. She ate the whole thing except for 2 feet and the tail. EWW!!

Hershey's Skore bars are YUMMY!! I like to dip them in my hot tea and lick the chocolate off and then eat the rest. YUM!!!

Being tired sucks!!! Sometimes I think I should buy some toothpicks to keep my eyes open!!

Quitting smoking is hard. Wellbutrin gave me a bad reaction so I am not doing that anymore. I think the right mindset and will power will work.

My kids have been taken over by aliens. They used to be the nicest most polite little people I know. Now they fight with each other, are selfish and back talk. When will the aliens leave? I think Aidan has 2 aliens in his body!

Brad and Anjelina. *sigh* You see how much I care? I don't even know how to spell her name, lol. They say pics of their baby are worth millions. They are calling the baby Brangelina. Well, if Brian and I were famous like that they would call our baby Brielle. Oh wait, we already named our first that, LOL!!

I want to have a contest for you digiscrappers but can't think of a fun one. I can think of prizes, but I want the contest to be fun. Any ideas? Post 'em here and if I pick yours you will win a prize just for me picking your idea!!

I think that's all that is in my head right now. :)

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Carole said...

I do like your first born's name!!

As for contests, I have no idea.

I have been trying to comment but blogger won't post my comment so I will keep trying.

Robin Forman said...

You could do a sort of reverse naming contest... ie: have people suggest names for kits and then create one based on their *cool* names... that is all I can think of this early morning:) robin

Kori on 6/11/2006 5:59 PM said...

FYI ~ Brad and Angelina gave the $4 million they raised for the baby pictures to charity. I agree that it is ridiculous how some people will go crazy for celebraties photos, but they used their heads and made money to help others. Someone was going to get the pictures, rather than some sneaky tabloid photographer, why not sell to someone and do some good in the world! My 2 cents worth of opinion! LOL

JeanellePaigeDesigns on 6/11/2006 6:03 PM said...

Oh, I agree that what they did was good! Plus as a parent.. now they won't have the dang photographers chasing them down dangerously trying to take pics of their kid. It's just that I think the obsession is crazy!!!


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