Friday, June 02, 2006

A Clean House

Posted by JeanellePaige at 5:32 PM
Nothing makes me feel better than having my house clean. I have been keeping up with it and keeping it clean, but there was so much clutter that even when I knew it was clean, no one else could tell, lol. So, I have been slowly junking the clutter and it looks great! I threw away bags and bags of stuff and toys and things. Being organized really is good for the mind!! The only thing I wonder about is... why is it when I ask the kids to clean a room they throw everything in that one room into another and say, "It's clean!" Yah, they are right, that room is clean, but now I have to clean that other room now because that stuff is in there now. I should have just cleaned the first room in the first place if I wanted it done right! But wait!! Why do I have to clean that second room? I am not the one who throw all of that stuff in there! So sorry kids, but now you have to do that one too, LOL!!
I love days like this though.... Clean house and kids getting along helping each other make ants on a log for a snack. Makes me feel like a good mom!
Brian and I got the air-conditioner in the other night. We had to straighten up the front porch to get it in. We have had x-mas lights up on the porch for like almost 2 years. We just left them up, yes, we're bad, LOL! So, we were going to take them down that night. We wondered if they even worked so I plugged them in and YES! LOL! They worked!! hee hee. So, it was really nice sitting on the front porch with the soft glow of the x-mas lights and warm spring air! We just kept laughing and laughing every time someone drove by wondering what they must be thinking of us!! We had a good time laughing with each other. I really don't care what people think. What matters is that my husband and I had a fun time giggling at our 'redneckness'. hee hee
So, here's a pic of the lights. Notice the air-conditioner too. X-mas lights and an air-conditioner! We are suck DORKS!!

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Jheri on 6/03/2006 8:16 AM said...

lol too funny you red neck. laughing is something we all need to do a little more of, no matter what other will think of you. :)

Linda Walton aka BobbysGirlForever on 6/05/2006 12:45 PM said...

LOL!!! Jeanelle, you are a HOOT girl! First of all, CONGRATS on the NEW site ... guess I had my head stuck in the sand as I had not a clue!!!

Now, my little REDNECK girlfriend, this is just TOO darn funny as I was just outside with Robert this morning as he was fixing a leak to our SWAMP COOLER and I was noticing the WHITE curtain lights still hanging from the roof and thinking of Gretchen Wilson's, "REDNECK WOMAN"!!! LOL! And here I am now reading about your little REDNECK adventure!!! LIFE IS GOOD!

Welcome to my NECK OF THE WOODS darlin' and keep on LAUGHING with Brian as it is OH, SO good for the SOUL and the RELATIONSHIP!!!

Wishing THE BEST to you and your PRECIOUS family!

Love and hugs,
Linda aka bobbysgirlforever


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