Thursday, June 22, 2006

Been meaning to blog

Posted by JeanellePaige at 11:43 AM
I just have been so busy! I do have a few things to blog about so this might be my longest post ever, lol.

First of all.. Last Comic Standing!! Does anyone watch this show? I do because I am addicted to NBC, lol. It used to be the only chanel I watched before we had cable because it was the only chanel that would come in, LOL!! Now that we have TONS of chanels I still watch it even though sometimes it sucks, lol. Anyway, Last Comic Standing... I have watched every season of that show since it started and this year is great! I have 3 favorites but the one guy I like the bestest is Josh Blue!!

This guy is HILARIOUS!! He's even funny when not on stage, unlike most of them. The other 2 I like are

Chris Porter:

Gabriel Iglesias:

I know there will only be one winner but I hope they can all get something out of this show, they are so funny!!

Second... America's Got Talent... I like watching the acts but they didn't show enough and it was even a 2 hour show!! Crazy!! I think they focused more on the judges which pissed me off. I don't really like Brandy. I didn't have an opinion of her until last night watching this show. She would make the other 2 judges say what they thought first so she wouldn't have to be the one to turn anyone away. THEN she and Landon voted that 80 year old stripper man through!! The guy with the freaking saw had more talent then him!! Brandy turned around and couldn't even watch him strip but then tells him that he is HOT!?!? EWWW! This is suppossed to be 'nice' TV!! All he really was doing is standing there with a freaking glow stick, covered in glitter and a bad tan and saggy old man skin wiggling his bum! What is so talented about that? I mean ANYONE can shake their stuff like that!! UGG!! So, I like the acts, but not so much the judging, lol.

Third... Our neighbor is a theif!! He keeps coming over through the woods into our yard and stealing the kids rubber balls!! This theif is.. our neighbors DOG!!! The little turd steals!! I tried yelling and clapping at him and he DOES run away, but makes sure he gets away with the ball! I made him drop it because I scared him, but he picked it up again and ran! It's funny I guess, but the kids are getting upset. You would think that the neighbors would start wondering where these balls are coming from right? LOL! Stupid Dog!

Last... School is out. I picked the kids up today from their last day of school. Avery was crying because she will miss her Kindergarten teacher. We have put her in the Pre-1st program so she will be a year behind and going on a different bus than her brother. I had been picking them up from school because of problems on the bus but I am hoping this coming year will be problem free because it will be a BIG pain to pick 2 kids up at different schools. I also want to put Brielle into pre-school. She is so smart, smarter then my older 2 were at her age so I think she will totally benefit from it. It's just SO expensive though. I guess I will have to save my pennies!
Well, that's it I think!

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If you love Josh Blue you should definitely check out a great fansite dedicated to him at It has a ton of cool stuff including bio info, pics, and video clips of his routine from Last Comic Standing. Enjoy!


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