Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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So, I made some pillows! I have this big box of fabric that I had gotten over the years with intentions to make jammies and dresses and just never did. I don't sew very well and I am not into the tedious time consuming types of crafts, lol. I have made a few things but always left them unfinished. So... I decided to make pillows!! Quick, easy, cute, the kids love them... I am going to be making more, but here are the ones I made so far:

So, anyone else want to make pillows with me? It's fun and the kids really are having fun with them!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Beautiful LO's from my CT!

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I wanted to show off some new LO's from my CT! They are so beautiful!
This first was is by Susan:

The kit she used is my Tantaling Teal kit. I just love her photo! So cute!!

Here's one by Dawnee:

I LOVE her use of the stamps here and her grandaughter is so CUTE!! She used Picnic in the Park by Kim Hill and myself at DSD.

This on I made this morning with my New Apple Melon Blooms kit:

This next one is by Jolene:

That photo is so precious and her journaling is wonderful! I love how she put everything together in this! She use my Garden Fever kit.

The kids are being little butt heads right now but I will be back to post more LO from my awesome CT!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Been meaning to blog

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I just have been so busy! I do have a few things to blog about so this might be my longest post ever, lol.

First of all.. Last Comic Standing!! Does anyone watch this show? I do because I am addicted to NBC, lol. It used to be the only chanel I watched before we had cable because it was the only chanel that would come in, LOL!! Now that we have TONS of chanels I still watch it even though sometimes it sucks, lol. Anyway, Last Comic Standing... I have watched every season of that show since it started and this year is great! I have 3 favorites but the one guy I like the bestest is Josh Blue!!

This guy is HILARIOUS!! He's even funny when not on stage, unlike most of them. The other 2 I like are

Chris Porter:

Gabriel Iglesias:

I know there will only be one winner but I hope they can all get something out of this show, they are so funny!!

Second... America's Got Talent... I like watching the acts but they didn't show enough and it was even a 2 hour show!! Crazy!! I think they focused more on the judges which pissed me off. I don't really like Brandy. I didn't have an opinion of her until last night watching this show. She would make the other 2 judges say what they thought first so she wouldn't have to be the one to turn anyone away. THEN she and Landon voted that 80 year old stripper man through!! The guy with the freaking saw had more talent then him!! Brandy turned around and couldn't even watch him strip but then tells him that he is HOT!?!? EWWW! This is suppossed to be 'nice' TV!! All he really was doing is standing there with a freaking glow stick, covered in glitter and a bad tan and saggy old man skin wiggling his bum! What is so talented about that? I mean ANYONE can shake their stuff like that!! UGG!! So, I like the acts, but not so much the judging, lol.

Third... Our neighbor is a theif!! He keeps coming over through the woods into our yard and stealing the kids rubber balls!! This theif is.. our neighbors DOG!!! The little turd steals!! I tried yelling and clapping at him and he DOES run away, but makes sure he gets away with the ball! I made him drop it because I scared him, but he picked it up again and ran! It's funny I guess, but the kids are getting upset. You would think that the neighbors would start wondering where these balls are coming from right? LOL! Stupid Dog!

Last... School is out. I picked the kids up today from their last day of school. Avery was crying because she will miss her Kindergarten teacher. We have put her in the Pre-1st program so she will be a year behind and going on a different bus than her brother. I had been picking them up from school because of problems on the bus but I am hoping this coming year will be problem free because it will be a BIG pain to pick 2 kids up at different schools. I also want to put Brielle into pre-school. She is so smart, smarter then my older 2 were at her age so I think she will totally benefit from it. It's just SO expensive though. I guess I will have to save my pennies!
Well, that's it I think!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Finally had the time and the guts...

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but I couldn't get it done. Cutting my hair that is. I wanted to get it cut and donate my hair to Locks of Love. I went in today to do it. The girl told me that I would have to have 2 inches cut off of the bottom before she could start measuring because I had colored my hair before. I haven't colored it in almost 2 years. So after she put the pony tial in to measure and didn't count the 2 inches, she would have had to cut it to my neck!! I couldn't do it. That's way too short. She said she could still cut and styl of course, but I thought that would just be a waist so I didn't. Brian said I should still get it cut too, but I think that wuld be selfish. i would like to get a cut and new style. I haven't gone to a hair dresser since my 8 year old son was 3 months old!! Brian says I deserve to do something nice for myself every once in a while and that doing it wouldn't be selfish but I just keep thinking that I would feel bad if I didn't get to donate my hair. What if there is a long waiting list of people that want hair? I mean, if they had an abundance of donations then I wouldn't hesitate, but I don't know. Also, the deer have been eating our flowers and I could save the hair to put in the garden to keep the deer out, lol, but I want to donate it. So, here I sit with a head full of un-styled over grown hair, lol. I took a before pic today thinking I was going to get it cut....

So, what do you think? Should I get it cut for myself? I would like it done. Showers would not take as long, I would feel better and with the hot weather here now I would feel cooler. Or should I wait until it is long enough to donate? Tell me your thoughts! I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weird enlightening day

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So I went to the doctor Yesturday. It was a follow-up appointment for an appointment I had before. My doc had prescribed me Wellbutrin. I had a BAD reaction to it and decided not to take it again. It made me feel stupid and depressed. My kids would be right next to me talking to me and it would take me a minute to figure out what they were saying. I had to drive just next door and I sat there after I stopped the car trying to remember what to do next. I mean I couldn't even remember that I had to put the carin park and take the key out! Then I got really depressed and just wanted to lay there and cry fo no reason at all. I HATED it and just couldn't fathom getting up the next day and swallowing that pill to do that to myself again. So I asked my doc to give me something different. First of all, Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant. I was going to take it to quit smoking. It's a BAD BAD habit that I NEED to quit. I have anxirty though so that was a bad pill for me, lol. Anyway, I got talking to my doc about how my anxiety has gotten worse. I was explaining the thoughts that go on in my head and the weird little things that I do. I was totally convinced that even though I had irrational thoughts I still had this under control. She told me I didn't, that it was controlling me. Then she told me I have OCD too. I knew that I had weird things that I did but I didn't think of myself having OCD. I just thought I was weird! LOL! I have these crazy irrational fears of something bad happening to me or the kids. I obsess abou them too and they have made me change things. Like.. I won't get into my car without making sure no strange men are near...I won't wash the big kitchen knives because every time I hold one I just picture it slipping out of my hands when a kid is standing next to me.... while I am driving I am constantly turning around and counting the kids to make sure they are all there because what if I left one at home or at the store, even if I just checked 60 seconds ago!! There's other weird little things I think and also do. So, it's weird to me thinking that I have OCD. It's mild I guess. I mean I have heard of bad OCD and I don't consider myself bad. So now I am on a new med, just for anxiety. I asked her if it was something that I couldn't just stop taking or had to wean off from later on because what if I lost my insurance or what if the healthcare system should 'crash' and I couldn't get the pill anymore.... Yah, anxiety, LOL!! She laughed. So I took it and it didn't give me that BAD feeling the other one did. I am excited about this. I think it may help me quit smoking too just because I don't have a physical addiction, it's more of a mental one. I only smoke like 2 packs a week. I just smoke as habit, or when I am bored, or when I am anxious or thinking those crazy thoughts. I talked to my mom last night too and found out a lot of these things that I have run in the family and I didn't even know it! let's see... just what I have... colitis, diverticulosis (didn't know you could have both), ADD, anxiety, OCD.. MAN I am messed up! LOL!
So, I wanted to type that out here in my 'little online diary' because getting it out does feel better. I am a little hesitant to post it for the public to read because some people may judge, but I also think some people may understand and relate so I will post it. Well, I am off to work on my new Digi-Dazzlers! Gems you can add to your LO's!! Here's a peek of one of them. I am doing a whole alphaset too!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


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I have no title for this post, lol. I am sitting here with my Skor bar and cup of tea typing one handed because my other hand is all chocolatey, lol. I love my Skor bars!!!
Today was good day. I think the aliens have left my kids bodies finally. They are behaving normally again. Maybe it was the bribes though. I do like to think of them as incentives, not bribes, lol. Everyone does better with incentives! Avery gets some money here and there for helping me out. Aidan is going to get a new CD with his fav music. Brielle likes to get money too. Jillian is just Jillian and still too little to understand the value of money.
I made grilled cheese sticks for dinner. The kids like to soak their sandwiches in their tomato soup so tonight I cut them into sticks for easier dunking. It really cut down on the usual mess! It drives me nuts when they eat their dinner and immediatly ask for a snack, lol. They say they are full and don't want to finish their dinner, but they have room for a snack!! LOL
I have a new CT member! Andrea C! You can check out my CT page at my site for more info on her. One of my CT members stepped down because she was feeling overwhelmed and Andrea just popped in! LOL! She is pretty well known in the digi-scrapping world. I love her LO's and can't wait to see what she does with my creations!
Tonight is Sunday.. Brian and I usually watch Sopranos and Big Love but the season finallies were last week so we can't do that tonight. :( It's our 'date' night, lol. I think there is a new show starting during that same time slot on HBO so I guess we will chack that out. I think I might have withdrawls waiting all summer for the next season of Bog Love though. I LOVE that show!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


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I am having a sale right now! A Father's Day sale!25% off of my products!! Sale ends June 19th so stop in before then!! Also, for all of my newsletter subcribers... I sent out my very first Newsletter! Inside is a coupon to my Shoppe! You can use that WITH my sale to save even more!! If you haven't subscribed yet, you might want to! I will send one out each month with something special in each issue! If you received two emails I am sorry. I am just learning the format and I made a boo-boo with the email. No worries though! I am sure no one will mind a duplicate email since there was a 'goody' inside!! Thanks for your patience!
Also, If you check out my homepage there are some new announcements and kits!!!

One more thing... I changed the video here on my blog. Brian HATES the song, lol. My kids sing it all the time. I first saw the video when I put in on here and it made me smile. It's a nice video, the end especially. You should take the time to watch it. :)
Well... that's all for tonight!! :) Thanks for stopping in! hee hee

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

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My cat caught and ate a squirrel today. She ate the whole thing except for 2 feet and the tail. EWW!!

Hershey's Skore bars are YUMMY!! I like to dip them in my hot tea and lick the chocolate off and then eat the rest. YUM!!!

Being tired sucks!!! Sometimes I think I should buy some toothpicks to keep my eyes open!!

Quitting smoking is hard. Wellbutrin gave me a bad reaction so I am not doing that anymore. I think the right mindset and will power will work.

My kids have been taken over by aliens. They used to be the nicest most polite little people I know. Now they fight with each other, are selfish and back talk. When will the aliens leave? I think Aidan has 2 aliens in his body!

Brad and Anjelina. *sigh* You see how much I care? I don't even know how to spell her name, lol. They say pics of their baby are worth millions. They are calling the baby Brangelina. Well, if Brian and I were famous like that they would call our baby Brielle. Oh wait, we already named our first that, LOL!!

I want to have a contest for you digiscrappers but can't think of a fun one. I can think of prizes, but I want the contest to be fun. Any ideas? Post 'em here and if I pick yours you will win a prize just for me picking your idea!!

I think that's all that is in my head right now. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's ready!!! It's ready!!!

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So, the Diva Double that I made with Amber is done and will be in the store with in the next few days!!! YAY!!! This kit is HUGE and only $6.99!!! It's 110MB worth of digi-scrapping goodies!! Amber was so fun to work with and although our styles are a tab bit different we met in the middle and made this awesome kit!! Red, White, KaBLUEm is the name of this super fun 4th of July kit! Think family, fun, friends, summer, fireworks.... You know you have the pics! LOL!! As soon as it is up I will link the pics straight to the store!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Check this baby out!!!!

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This is one of my FAVORITE kits that I have ever worked on!! I LOVE the colors and it's just such a FUN kit!! It will be released at ACOT (acherryontop.com) on June 9th!! A Great bunch of designers put this together and I am telling you, you will LOVE it!!

In other news.... Aidan had a great B-day party. We got him a stereo/CD player for his room. He really loves it. It was supossed to be a pool party but it rained all day. The kids had fun anyway. We played some games with balloons and listened to music.

I have been so busy around the house making it nice that I haven't designed at ALL!! Well, I did stop a little bit to finish a Diva Double that I was working on with Amber. It's a fun festive summery kit too! No teaser for you yet, but I beleive it will be up soon! I will keep you all updated!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My son is turning 8!!

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It's my son Aidan's 8th birthday so I would like you all to celebrate with me! He is my first born, the only boy. He's getting so BIG! Here's a coupon code to my Shoppe. It's only good for TODAY and it's 25% off!


Shoppe Link!

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Clean House

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Nothing makes me feel better than having my house clean. I have been keeping up with it and keeping it clean, but there was so much clutter that even when I knew it was clean, no one else could tell, lol. So, I have been slowly junking the clutter and it looks great! I threw away bags and bags of stuff and toys and things. Being organized really is good for the mind!! The only thing I wonder about is... why is it when I ask the kids to clean a room they throw everything in that one room into another and say, "It's clean!" Yah, they are right, that room is clean, but now I have to clean that other room now because that stuff is in there now. I should have just cleaned the first room in the first place if I wanted it done right! But wait!! Why do I have to clean that second room? I am not the one who throw all of that stuff in there! So sorry kids, but now you have to do that one too, LOL!!
I love days like this though.... Clean house and kids getting along helping each other make ants on a log for a snack. Makes me feel like a good mom!
Brian and I got the air-conditioner in the other night. We had to straighten up the front porch to get it in. We have had x-mas lights up on the porch for like almost 2 years. We just left them up, yes, we're bad, LOL! So, we were going to take them down that night. We wondered if they even worked so I plugged them in and YES! LOL! They worked!! hee hee. So, it was really nice sitting on the front porch with the soft glow of the x-mas lights and warm spring air! We just kept laughing and laughing every time someone drove by wondering what they must be thinking of us!! We had a good time laughing with each other. I really don't care what people think. What matters is that my husband and I had a fun time giggling at our 'redneckness'. hee hee
So, here's a pic of the lights. Notice the air-conditioner too. X-mas lights and an air-conditioner! We are suck DORKS!!

..Life.. as I know it. {JPDESIGNS}