Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Slime, ick!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 11:56 AM
Nickelodeon should really put a disclaimer on their slime:
1.Will take tons of elbow greese to get off of the simplist of surfaces.
2.Bottle will leak if not upright and kids will never leave it so.
3.If you use a sponge to clean up slime, expect to spent another hour under the faucet trying to get slime out.
4.Slime easily pours out of bottle, but be prepared to get mad when trying to put slime back in. We suggest doing this when children are not present because swear words will most likely be spoken.
5.Even after you have cleaned and thrown away slime, months later you will still find dried slime remnants in the most unusual places that escaped from your view.

I think that about covers it! Camryn got this stuff for her b-day back in January and her mom would not let her play with it. They have carpets so I can understand. I told her she can bring it up here and play. BIG mistake!!! Oh well, live and learn right? lol.

I have decided to retire my Happy Friends series. It's just that my style has changed since then and I really struggled with the last one. So, they will be up until the end of May at 50% off, so grab them while you can!!

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Michelle said...

LOL! I wish you had posted your warning about a month ago! :)


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