Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Day of Hurt Feelings

Posted by JeanellePaige at 5:07 PM
Well, I have had a bad day. Nothing seriously BAD or anything, but just not a good day. First, my hubby told me I could sleep in today. See, we have this deal.... I let him sleep in on Mondays and Thursdays because those days he doesn't have to be into work until later, and on Saturdays he lets me sleep in. Well, we stayed up late last night, like usual. Instead of getting up with the kids and letting me sleep in, he layed in bed while they played in their rooms. Well, any mom knows that when you kids are up and doing God knows what and being loud and arguing you can't sleep. So, he did take them down stairs eventually, but woke me up 1/2 an hour later telling me we had to go to Aidan's baseball game because it wasn't cancelled because of the rain like we thought it would be. So I only had a little time to get ready. No shower, no breakfast, no sleeping in. So, on the way to the baseball game and the first 1/2 hour of being there my hubby was snapping at me, for no reason! Over anything!! That pissed me off!! He did apologize later, but still!!! So, I took the little ones to the playground to play to get away from him. My ex was there too and insulted me. He thought he was making a joke, but I didn't find it funny. See, some of the kids were late and they didn't have enough players yet and he said that maybe the adults would have to play. I said, "I was just thinking that, it would be fun!" Then he says he, his wife, and my hubby could play. I said, "what about me?" Well, you can sit on the bench. I have more confidence in our abilities in baseball more than yours." What an a-hole. It hust that he said that. I have been hearing those things all of my life; you're not good enough, there's something wrong with you, why can't you just do this, why can't you just do that..... I hear it from my hubby still too but he doesn't even know he is doing it!!
Anyway..... so at the playground I had to fight with the kids because they were tired and cranky, miss Aidan's game, freeze my bumm off because it was cold out....
We went to McD's to get lunch after the game and they messed up my order. We got it to go so I didn't notice until I got home.
Then, I told Aidan he couldn't go to his friend's houes because I wanted to spend time with him. Well, he wouldn't let it go so I got mad and said, "Fine, go. I don't care anymore what you do." (I never give in to him, but really at that point I didn't care) So, he went. Then 45 minutes later comes back and says he and his friend got into a fight so he had to come home. Ugg.. Then this is the worst part...... The present he made me in school for Mother's Day... Aidan told me he wants to give it to his step-mom. That hurt my feelings. I know he's only 7 and I should 'let it go' which I have to him, I didn't say anything, but it still hurts inside. They didn't even want to be here this weekend, they wanted to go to their dads because everytime they go there he buys them something. Brian has to work ALL day long, so I will be cooking my own dinner, cleaning up after it, dealing with un-happy kids because they'd rather be at their dads. Ugg Ugg Ugg, I just want to cry.

In other news:
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I did 2 LO's today too. You can see them here because I don't feel like posting them and dealing with blogger right now:

That's all for now. I am off to clean up the giant mess from dinner, Joy!

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{Paige} on 5/13/2006 6:41 PM said...

I'm so sorry that your day has been so crummy!!! Somedays it seems like things just go from bad to worse!!! Hopefully you will have a better day tomorrow! I loved your 2 new layouts, by the way!

KristiG said...

Jeanelle...that so sucks!

I hope something happens to brighten your day and let you know how special you are!

Rischa on 5/18/2006 2:28 PM said...

I can definitely see why your feelings were hurt. :-( Mine would be hurt if those things happened, too. On a brighter note, your LO's are very nice! :-)



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