Thursday, May 25, 2006

I get the Stupid Award for the day!

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So I just got a PM from someone telling me that she has posted comments but it told her that it had to be approved before it would show. All along I was thinking noone loved me! LOL! So, somehow that setting got changed. They used to show up without approval. Stinking blogger glitch!! Well, it's all fixed now! I still feel stupid, but at least I feel stupid AND loved! LOL!


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One of my CT members pointed out that I was high on the digi-scrapping blogs list today... so I went to look not thinking I would be THIS high!!!

#10! WOW!! I guess you all like the freebie huh? I thought it turned out great and was the perfect accent to Susan's LO for her daughter's pic. Thanks for stopping in to grab it and don't forget to check out Susan's LO, it really is spectacular!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ok Blog Stalkers, (hee hee)

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Here's a freebie, now spread the word! LOL
I made this for Susan for her LO in round 4 of the UDS contest! If you grab it you better go leave a comment on her LO!! ;) Or I will hunt you down!! I mean it!! Really!!!

Click the preview to DL!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Another new kit!

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As Kathy told me, I am on a roll!! LOL! Beautiful Dreamer was inspired by the lullabye by Stephen Foster. I love this lullabye. The colors are soft and pretty, just like a baby girl's bedroom where she is gently rocked to sleep. There is a word-art doodle that is the first verse of the lullabye along with other cute doodles. Click the preview to take you to the store!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Birthstone Gems!!

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I spent all day making these! I am super proud and I think they are perfect!! They are clean and crisp, no blurriness! (except for the opal which is suppossed to be like that)
Anyway, go to the Shoppe and check them out to get a bigger view!! I know you will LOVE them!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Slime, ick!

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Nickelodeon should really put a disclaimer on their slime:
1.Will take tons of elbow greese to get off of the simplist of surfaces.
2.Bottle will leak if not upright and kids will never leave it so.
3.If you use a sponge to clean up slime, expect to spent another hour under the faucet trying to get slime out.
4.Slime easily pours out of bottle, but be prepared to get mad when trying to put slime back in. We suggest doing this when children are not present because swear words will most likely be spoken.
5.Even after you have cleaned and thrown away slime, months later you will still find dried slime remnants in the most unusual places that escaped from your view.

I think that about covers it! Camryn got this stuff for her b-day back in January and her mom would not let her play with it. They have carpets so I can understand. I told her she can bring it up here and play. BIG mistake!!! Oh well, live and learn right? lol.

I have decided to retire my Happy Friends series. It's just that my style has changed since then and I really struggled with the last one. So, they will be up until the end of May at 50% off, so grab them while you can!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Super Cute, Super Fun kit!!

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Garden Fever!! Isn't it just the coolest!? I just kept coming up with the neatest ideas like the bird-house stakes, the pebbles, the word-art, the doodles, the weathered textures..... Click the image to take you to the Shoppe so you can see a bigger preview!!
In other news, my Mother's Day was good. The kids gave me cute little things they made at school, I made myself some shrimp parmesan lunch and we had our family favorite, TACOS, for dinner!! Brian bought me some pretty flowers and I put them in a vase. I also snoozed on the couch and the kids actually let me by behaving and getting along with each other! YAY!
Not much else is going on, pretty boring here. Same old stuff, just a different day, yadda yadda, blah blah blah..... I wish I was more interesting, maybe that' why I keep forgetting to blog. Maybe I can find some things to blog about, eventually, lol.
Oh, one thing to blog about.... this friend of mine made me mad! She asked uf if we wanted her old couch for the kids playroom. I said I would take it, but I have no way of getting it. She says, "Oh, my hubby will bring it, no problem!!" So, she calls Brian like 3 weeks later and says if we don't go and get it it will be gone. This is AFTER I ALREADY got rid of the one that WAS in there!!!!!! So.... the kids have no couch now, and we can't afford to get a new one. #$%*!*$&#! (That's me swearing) This is the SECOND time she has done this sort of thing this MONTH!! Well, we invited them over for a B-B-Q. Her, her hubby nad her 2 kids. The first time she said no because her hubby didn't want to. Hey, that's fine, I really don't mind. She said let's make plans for next Saturday. Ok I say, sure, that's great because all of the kids will be here that day! So, we go out and buy lots of food and drinks and chips and all that crud. She ends up not coming. She says it's because her daughter didn't want to and was throwing a fit. Ok, that's fine, but why don't youleave that daughter home with hubby and bring the other one over with you? No, no, can't do that because hubby would be mad because it's one of his only days off and he wants to see me.... *&!$(!%&!$ (me swearing again) Brian only gets ONE day off a week and I don't complain!! This was the only other weekend that MONTH that the kids were going to be there!! UGG UGG UGG! So, she hadn't called since then, until she said the thing about the couch and hasn't called since that.
So, that's my bloggin' for today. Blogs are like diaries huh? You get it out, feel better and people like to snoop and see what you're writing? That's what I think ;)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Day of Hurt Feelings

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Well, I have had a bad day. Nothing seriously BAD or anything, but just not a good day. First, my hubby told me I could sleep in today. See, we have this deal.... I let him sleep in on Mondays and Thursdays because those days he doesn't have to be into work until later, and on Saturdays he lets me sleep in. Well, we stayed up late last night, like usual. Instead of getting up with the kids and letting me sleep in, he layed in bed while they played in their rooms. Well, any mom knows that when you kids are up and doing God knows what and being loud and arguing you can't sleep. So, he did take them down stairs eventually, but woke me up 1/2 an hour later telling me we had to go to Aidan's baseball game because it wasn't cancelled because of the rain like we thought it would be. So I only had a little time to get ready. No shower, no breakfast, no sleeping in. So, on the way to the baseball game and the first 1/2 hour of being there my hubby was snapping at me, for no reason! Over anything!! That pissed me off!! He did apologize later, but still!!! So, I took the little ones to the playground to play to get away from him. My ex was there too and insulted me. He thought he was making a joke, but I didn't find it funny. See, some of the kids were late and they didn't have enough players yet and he said that maybe the adults would have to play. I said, "I was just thinking that, it would be fun!" Then he says he, his wife, and my hubby could play. I said, "what about me?" Well, you can sit on the bench. I have more confidence in our abilities in baseball more than yours." What an a-hole. It hust that he said that. I have been hearing those things all of my life; you're not good enough, there's something wrong with you, why can't you just do this, why can't you just do that..... I hear it from my hubby still too but he doesn't even know he is doing it!!
Anyway..... so at the playground I had to fight with the kids because they were tired and cranky, miss Aidan's game, freeze my bumm off because it was cold out....
We went to McD's to get lunch after the game and they messed up my order. We got it to go so I didn't notice until I got home.
Then, I told Aidan he couldn't go to his friend's houes because I wanted to spend time with him. Well, he wouldn't let it go so I got mad and said, "Fine, go. I don't care anymore what you do." (I never give in to him, but really at that point I didn't care) So, he went. Then 45 minutes later comes back and says he and his friend got into a fight so he had to come home. Ugg.. Then this is the worst part...... The present he made me in school for Mother's Day... Aidan told me he wants to give it to his step-mom. That hurt my feelings. I know he's only 7 and I should 'let it go' which I have to him, I didn't say anything, but it still hurts inside. They didn't even want to be here this weekend, they wanted to go to their dads because everytime they go there he buys them something. Brian has to work ALL day long, so I will be cooking my own dinner, cleaning up after it, dealing with un-happy kids because they'd rather be at their dads. Ugg Ugg Ugg, I just want to cry.

In other news:
I am having a 30% off Sale at my Shoppe, you should really go check it out!!
Also, my ACOT products are on sale too!
I did 2 LO's today too. You can see them here because I don't feel like posting them and dealing with blogger right now:

That's all for now. I am off to clean up the giant mess from dinner, Joy!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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Friday, May 05, 2006

What would you do?

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So, first, I want to share a LO.

This is Brielle trying to kiss Jillian, lol!

Credits: The Papers and Elements are from my Sunday Morning Paper freebies. (Given out on Sundays on my site homepage) Not all of the papers have been issued yet, so keep checking back! The elements are from the element pack that I made to go along with the paper freebies which will be in the store after 8 papers have been out! The stitching is from my Sweet Digi Doodles kit. TFL!

Second... I kept the kids home from school today. There have been rumors going around the community that a group of High Schoolers are gong to kill the people they don't like at school today. The police have gotten involved, questioned some students, found nothing (say the reports say) and there will be police at the school today. My kids go to the Elementary School, which isn't connected to the High School, but close to it. So, most likely nothing will happen, BUT I kept them home. IF something were to happen I would just kick myself!! If something happened and no one got hurt, there would still be a school lock-down and who knows how long they would be stuck there. So, I guess I am just being safe. Having the knowledge that something 'might' happen and not doing anything about it, just telling yourself that nothing will happen and then having something happen after all would just be BAD!! So, I think I did the right hting, right? Maybe I am being paranoid, or over protective, but that's my job as a mom right? To pretect them from potential danger? Well, they're home anyway, I guess it doesn't matter. It's a nice day, I should send them outside, lol.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Diva Doubles!!!

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The designers at Digi Scrap Divas have teamed up to bring you the new Diva Doubles kit!!! I teamed up with Kim Hill of CG Essentials to make Picnic In The Park!!!

This kit is HUGE and packed full of cute, fun elements and beautiful papers!! Go check it out, you will be glad you did!!

..Life.. as I know it. {JPDESIGNS}