Monday, March 27, 2006

Check out the new video!!

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It is Jamiroquai! They sing the Canned Heat song, the one at the end of Napolian Dynomite where he is on stage. This is a different song, Virtual Insanity, and the video is COOL!!! You have to watch it!

*I forgot to say that I just LOVED this song when I was younger! I forgot all about it until I saw Napolian and since then I have been listening to it a LOT!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

What makes a blog popular?

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So, I joined the 'top blog' thing a little bit ago. I go there to click on banners that look cool, find some new things, learn about people..... What makes a blog #1 compared to #200? Is it freebies? Is it rambling about absolutely nothing that has to do with digi-scrapping? Is it just being one of the 'top' designers and your loyal customers visit you more than once a day? I mean, I really don't know. You know what it feels like to me? This little (or HUGE) blog world is like a clique, like on message boards. You have friends, lots of 'em, and when you post things, you are 'talking' to them. I never was part of a clique. I was the quiet kid with a couple friends. Even on the net where I can hide behind the screen and really be anything or anyone I want, I am still shy. I try to do massage boards, but it always ends up feeling like no one will really notice if I wasn't there. In real life I only have 2 friends, one of which only talks to me when she wants something. So, I wonder who reads this blog? People who happen upon it? Loyal customers, online friends, bored people that are just searching for something to do? Oh well. When I go to the 'top board' site, I always start clicking on the lower ranked sites...the ones that don't get that many views, and I always find something funny, unique, interesting and new. So, I guess if it wasn't for the un-popular blogs I wouldn't find the fun things I do!! :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Grocery Shopping with 4 kids

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Actually wasn't bad today! I was feeling like Mother Hubbard, so after I picked the older 2 up from school we went to the store. You should have seen us, it was a sight. Jillian in the cart seat, I am pushing her, Brielle walking behind me, Avery walking behind her, and Aidan walking behind her! We looked like a mother duck and her ducklings, lol! Everyone kept looking at us and smiling. The kids were signing songs, being good, not bugging for too much junk food... all in all a good trip to the grocery store! I went WITH a list, and of course still forgot something. UGG! I hate that! The last time I went shopping the cashier says, "Are they all yours?" No lady, I found that one in isle 2 and she just looked too cute not to grab. I mean JEESH!! Then she says, "I only have one and she drives me crazy! I would go NUTS with that many!" So what am I suppossed to say to that? Yes lady, I am nuts, so stop talking to me before I snap and start jumping up and down like a monkey and howling like a wolf? No, of course I don't say anything. I am bad at talking to people, I never know what to say. So I smile and nod, and continue listening to her telling me that I must be insane by now, or that I will be soon, and that I must have had my first when I was 15 because I look so young... blah blah blah.... When I told her I had my first when I was 20 she gave me a look like she didn't beieve me. She asked how old I was. "28", I say. "Wow, you look so young!" Yes lady, rub it in, I look like a baby-sitter, not a mom. I mean, it is bad enough I get the 3rd degree when I try to buy some beer, or go out to a bar with some friends, or get ID'd at an R rated movie. Yes, that has happened, ugg. I just don't know what to say to people when they say things like that. So, until I figure out some witty comeback that makes people stop and think, smile and nod is what I will do.

Cute Little Purse!

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I wish I can remember whos blog I was looking at when I found this! It's a cute little purse by Dianne Rigdon.

I changed it to use my Brielle's Favorite Things kit, because I made it for Brielle. She LOVES it!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

3rd Post Today!

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3 posts today, I must be insane! Well, the husband is lost in a video game right now. He hardly ever plays but he wanted to tonight so being the nice wife I didn't mind. What else can I do besides stare mindlessly at the TV while he shoots up some things with his hand-held 'gun'? Scrap of course! Well, I could maybe clean, or do some laundry, but I didn't. He'll probably be playing this game all night. I will be all alone in bed. Actually, Jillian co-sleeps, so I won't be alone. I'll snuggle up with her, lol. So... point to my post... I made another page. This time I didn't use a kit! I know, shocking right? I used Shabby Princess Colorful Corners though, changed them to black. This is my little beaner when she was 2 months old. I look at these cute little pictures and her soft little face and I just can't believe it is her!! She looks so different to me! It's sad because I kind of don't really remember her looking like that! I remember this photo shoot, I remember lots of things, but I wish I could close my eyes and breath in these memories, feel them again, touch her newborn skin again..... I am happy that she is growing up, that all of the kids are growing up, I am. I am also very sad at the same time. My hubby keeps telling me that it's a good thing, a new chapter, blah blah. I try not to think about how sad it makes me because honestly it scares me. I mean, this is who I am, a mom of little ones, babies.... I loved being pregnant and giving birth and holding the baby and nursing the baby.... pretty soon all of that will be gone, over, never to be felt again, ever. Sad. *sniff*

Freebie!! Freebie!!

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I thought everyone would like a notepaper that I did tonight. I see on other scrapper's blogs that they make 'to do' lists with them so I decided to try to make one! Here you go! Leave me a note if you DL it. I'd love to hear what you think!
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Another new kit for the opening of my site!

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Dawnee on my CT asked me to make a blue and orange kit. I made this one:

I had no idea what to name it though. I showed my CT a LO I made with it and they all said to name it Blue Eyed Boy!

This kit will also be available on April 1st. All kits will be $1.00 off from April 1st-7th! There will also be freebies so mark it on your calendar!! :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New LO

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I made this LO tonight. I took the pic today. This is Jillian. She kept running away from the camera, she didn't want her picture taken. Usually she will show her teeth and say, "Cheeese!" but not today! I am soooo not a photograher, but looking around I have learned that natural light in front of the subject is the best, and there was some sun coming through our sliding glass doors today so I made the kids go over so I could snap come pics, LOL!
I used my new Sweet Digi Doodles kit, available at my new site, opening April 1st!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Opening my own store!

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Well, I have been working on my own site, and the Grand Opening will be April 1st! I am SUPER excited!! There will be freebies, and a new kit!
Sneak peek:

You can also have a sneak peek of my site: Sweet Digi Creations!
You can't get 'into' it yet, but it will open April 1st! I am still adding some things here and there.

Here's a LO I made tonight with the new kit:

This is Avery back in 2001. Yes, I am that behind on scrapping, lol. Well, I didn't start scrapping until about a year ago or so, and I JUST got all of this film developed! 10 rolls of film! So, I am slowly scanning it in and scrapping when I can.

I hope you will all come see my site when I open it on April 1st!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Need some advice!!

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Ok ladies, I need some help!!! I'll take ANY advice here! My youngest daughter.... she's
19 months old, and she's... I am ashamed to say it.... a BITER!! She is also a scratcher, a hiter, a hair puller, a pincher.... AHHHHHHH!!! None of my other kids were ever like this! None of them did ANY of these things!! Jillian, my sweet angel baby, has now turned into a......
Brian thinks it's because she sees the other kids playing and wrestling around and she is doing it too. The other kids dont hurt each other like that, but maybe Jillian just doesn't know the difference. She doesn't hurt them when she is mad, she hurts them when she is playing around. She thinks it's funny too. She will scratch Brielle in the face and laugh, even when Brielle is crying and BLEEDING, she still laughs! I ask her, "Did you hurt Brielle?" She looks at me smiling, "No."

So, I have started 'The Naughty Chair"
When Jillian hurts someone, she has to sit in the chair. I don't use the chair for any other bad behaivior except for when she hurts someone. If she is chasing after one of them looking like she is going to hurt them I warn her about the chair. She usually stops after the warning. When I put her in the chair, I tell her why she is in the chair, and why what she did was wrong and that she can get out if she says she is sorry. She hates saying that she's sorry, so she usually sits there for about 2 minutes because that's how long it takes her to apologize. She sometimes cries when she's in the chair, sometimes laughs.
I am really at a loss. My other kids are so well behaved, well mannered.... and then there's Jillian. I know I spoil her. I spoil her with love, I do. She is my last baby and I know this and I don't like that I will never have any other babies, so I spoil her. She's still nursing, still co-sleeping.... but these are the only things that she gets more than the other kids. I really do treat them the same so I don't know how she could have turned into this monster! I want to cry! She used to be such a sweet angel! Layed back, goes with the flow, cuddle bug angel!
Please, if you have gone through this, or have any advice I will gladly take it!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Since a few of you have asked.....

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I got the rings here:

They are on sale right now, so go get them!! Aren't they just beautiful!! I told my hubby, no one ever beleives me I have 4 kids, so these are like little 'bumper stickers' for my fingers, LOL!!
They say, "I have 4 kids, that's right, I am a baby machine and these are my kids!"



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I found a magazine on my counter, I had no idea where it came from, and inside the cover was my parents wedding announcement!! Weird!! My mother didn't know where it came from either, so I thought maybe it's fate to scrap it. So, I used my new Retro Dude kit, available at ACOT. I blurred out all of the names though.

My new kit, Retro Dude is available at ACOT, just click the preview!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here they are! The BIGGER previews!

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Hey, look, a POSTER, on the last post!! There IS life out there! LOL!

Ok, I was a little lazy on my other post and didn't add the images to my new kits, just a link, so I came back to post them. Here they are, in no specific order! LOL, well ok, I guess there's an order, it just sounded good to say that. ;) You can click the pics to go to them at ACOT.

This one I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It's got fun elements, great textures and detail and the colors are so yummy!! Definatly one of the favs I have made so far!

This one is bright, fun, and packed full of elements! It can be used for boy OR girl LO's!

Now, sorry about the tiny little kits in this one, I tried to put them all together so you could see all of the color schemes without having to upload each and every one. Here's one of them below, so you can see what each kit holds. They are all the same, except for their colors.

This one is called James. They all are named with kids names that I thought, to me, represented each kits unique colors. Also, I added what I thought were essentials to have in kits. If I would only use 3 papers it would be a patterned paper, a solid paper, and a stripe paper. There's also a ribbon, ric rac, larger deco-tag, an eyelet, a pretty paper flower, a stitched frame, and epoxy tags with the generic words {Fun, Happy, Smile, and Sweet}. I had fun making them, choosing colors and picking the essentials that I wanted each kit to hold. Pick one up, try it out, you'll go back for more! ;)

Thanks for taking a peek!

Anyone out there!?

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The last few days the internet has seemed almost empty!! Like no one is out there.......... creepy...... I keep checking my email.... checking message boards..... galleries..... everything is so s....l....o....w......! I feel like a teenager waiting for a boy to call that keeps picking up the phone to see if it has a dial tone because I keep signing out, signing in, thinking maybe I am froze, LOL!
Where IS everyone? Did everyone get invited to a party and forget to invite me? ;)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Kits, and something for ME! :D

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Well, my new exclusive only to ACOT kits are up at the store now! 13 mini-kits, and 2 bigger kits!


Also, for YEARS I have wanted to get 4 of these rings, one for each kid:

I bought them!!!

I will have 1 ring for each kid with their name, birthstone, and birthdate on my hand! YAY!! I love rings, especially rings like this! Oh I can't wait until they arrive!


..Life.. as I know it. {JPDESIGNS}