Friday, February 17, 2006

Counting my lucky stars!!!

Posted by JeanellePaige at 9:58 PM
So, today we had rain, thunderstorms and a HUGE wind storm!!! I had been having nightmares the past few night about my children and things happening to them that I was helpless to control. I have anxiety. I refuse to take the meds, so I control it the best I can. Anyways.... today something happened. Brielle and Jillian were playing together on the floor, a few feet away from the window, straight in front of it. I hear this LOUD BANG right over by them. I ran over, scooped them up and took off into the other room. I did this so fast, after I scooped them up, there was a lot more noise too. What happened was, a HUGE tree broke and crashed into our house!!! I was shaking so bad!! They were right in front of the window, and exactly where the tree came down!!! The glass could have broke all over them, a tree branch could have came in on them!!!! LUCKILY all the tree did was mess up our roof a bit, and brake some siding. It could have been WAY worse, and I am so thankful that it wasn't. Then, our power went out. It was out from 12-9. My older 2 went with their dad this weekend. He got out of work early because of the storm, so he picked them up from school. The kids school lost power too. From what I have gathered on the news, about 250,000 customers in NY lost power, some still without. I took my youngest ones to my parents house for the night. They have a fireplace and a generator, so it was better there. When I came back home, the temp was 50 in the house. It's warmed up now though. I am so tired. All that adreniline running through me wore me down!! The wind was just whipping, and I was so scared that another tree was going to come down into the house, because trees was coming down all over. Lots of houses lot roofs, trees smashing through houses. A man lost his life while driving because a tree fell on his truck. So, I am so thankful tonight that we got through the storm fine. The house needs a little fixing up, but that is fine with me, since I know it could have been a LOT worse. I will be hugging my kids a little bit harder from now on.

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Michelle said...

I live near you (Wilton) and know how bad that storm was. We were without power and phone from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. I don't blame you for being upset or scared. There were a number of tragedies from the storm. Thank goodness your little ones are alright.


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